The presidential majority won six seats out of seven in the second round of the legislative elections on Sunday evening in Maine-et-Loire, the seventh going to a re-elected LR deputy.

In the seven constituencies, the elected candidates each time faced opponents invested by the alliance of left-wing parties of Nupes.

In Angers-nord, where the ex-LREM ecologist deputy Matthieu Orphelin did not stand for re-election, the macronist candidate François Gernigon (Horizons) won with 55.22% of the vote in this 1st constituency historically anchored in the center-right.

In the 2nd (Angers-south), the outgoing macronist Stella Dupont is renewed with a score of 56.76%.

In the 3rd (Saumur-north), the outgoing LR Anne-Laure Blin, elected in 2020 during a partial legislative after the resignation of deputy Jean-Charles Taugoudeau, is confirmed with 60.65% of the vote.

In Saumur-Sud (4th), the outgoing Macronist and Vice-President of the National Assembly since 2019, Laëtitia Saint-Paul, retains her chair with 60.33% of the vote.

In the 5th (Cholet), the outgoing macronist and engineer at Thales Denis Masseglia is also renewed with the support of 60.76% of voters.

In the 6th (Angers-Mauge), the outgoing LREM Nicole Dubre Chirat is confirmed with a score of 57.60%.

As for the candidate Modem Philippe Bolo, invested by the presidential majority in the 7th district (Angers-Segré), he was elected with 50.56% of the votes cast.


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