According to the winter inventory, there are 460 wolves in Sweden, ie significantly more than the level of 300 animals that has been determined for the tribe to be considered to have so-called favorable conservation status.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is now opening for hunting this winter, and leaves it to the county administrative boards in Central Sweden to decide how many animals can be shot.

The wolf population is well above the minimum level

In the so-called central predator management area, the minimum level for the tribe is set at 28.5 rejuvenations, ie about 280 wolves.

During the winter inventory, 40.83 rejuvenations were counted, just over 400 animals.

- This is the biggest difference between the minimum level and the inventory result in recent years.

There is a relatively large area for hunting, says David Höök, game manager at the county administrative board in Värmland.

The county administrative boards decide

The county administrative boards in Värmland, Dalarna, Gävleborg, Stockholm, Västmanland, Västra Götaland, Uppsala and Örebro counties will now agree on how many wolves can be shot, and where hunting may be relevant.

- We must always make considerations and have a margin so that we do not risk the level of 300 animals, says David Höök.