Rep. Choi Kang-wook, who caused controversy over allegations of sexual harassment, was severely sanctioned for six months by the Democratic Party of Korea.

The Ethics Tribunal said that Rep. Choi made inappropriate sexual harassment remarks and took into account the psychological pain caused to the victims in the process of continuing to deny it.

Correspondent Kang Cheong-wan.

<Reporter> The

Ethics Judge of the Democratic Party said yesterday (20th) that it had unanimously decided on the night of the 20th to impose severe disciplinary action against Rep. Choi Kang-wook, including a six-month suspension of party membership.

[Kim Hoe-jae / Democratic Party Law Chairperson (Ethics Judge): It is subject to severe disciplinary action.

It can be said that the right to be a member of the party itself is lost altogether because we lose our party membership.]

The Ethics Tribunal said that, at an online meeting of the Judiciary Committee on April 28, when Rep. Choi was present with female assistants, sexual harassment is inappropriate. The reason for severe disciplinary action was that he denied his remarks and during the clarification process and continued to inflict psychological pain on the victims.

He also cited the fact that this case had a great impact both inside and outside the party and that the party's emergency response committee requested an ex officio investigation in consideration of the seriousness of the matter.

It is known that Rep. Choi, who attended the meeting around 7:30 last night, still denied the facts.

[Choi Kang-wook / Democratic Party member: (Do you deny the sexual harassment remarks?) Did the results come out?

I don't know the result.]

[Kim Hoe-jae / Democratic Party Law Chairperson (Ethics Judge): ((Rep. Kang-wook Choi) acknowledged the remarks he made? Or did he still adhere to the same position?) He did not admit it.]

Discipline against Representative Choi The plan will be confirmed after a report by the party leadership, the non-captain.

Earlier, in order to respect the decision of the Ethics Tribunal, the non-subcommittee side said that it would not go through the non-commissioned members' vote.