Last arrived in the "electric" part of the VW concessions (pending the ID.Buzz), the ID.5 is in fact the coupe version of the ID.4.

Coupé is obviously a big word, but the fact is that the plunging rear gives the model a more dynamic profile, let's say even more desirable.

And this is clearly not the only advantage.

Pleasant environment

But first, the guided tour.

Opening the door to what looks like a huge, time-honed pebble – shapes imposed by aerodynamic optimization, of course – reveals a rather welcoming interior.

As expected, the interior presentation of the ID models is relatively standardized, with the small screen in front of the driver for basic information (here, no large multi-configurable screen), the dashboard with a horizontal design which gives a nice impression of space, and in its center, the multimedia screen, underlined by "touch" controls which have the gift of irritating some, but which we end up getting used to.

Always fun little detail: the "Play" symbols on the accelerator pedal and "Pause" on the brake.

One of the strengths of the ID.5 is space.

The impression mentioned above is not just an impression.

On board, everything is bright and airy, the rear seats are royal, and the 589-litre trunk is perfectly family-friendly.

The equipment of the ID.5 is potentially of very high flight.

We say potentially, because despite a base price of €52,550, there are still quite a few options, sometimes combined in packs billed for several thousand euros.

But hey, the main thing is both in terms of comfort and safety, and then there's no secret: in an electric car, what makes the price explode is… the batteries.

Really fun

But the VW ID.5 is generous in this area.

If we have the choice between a 174 or 204 hp version, the manufacturer currently only offers the large 77 kWh battery, which allows a theoretical WLTP range of 522 km.

We will see later what it looks like in real life.

On the road, the ID.5 is a really, really pleasant vehicle to live in, and not too exotic for anyone new to electric driving.

It has no other claim than to make you travel comfortably, and that is precisely what it does.

Although even at this price, this SUV is to be considered as a "mid-range" vehicle, it is nevertheless an opulent and soothing impression that it gives off.

If you can afford it, or if it's "the company" that offers it to you, there's no reason to be choosy.

Good energy balance

We would say above that the plunging profile does not only benefit the aesthetics of the ID.5.

It also benefits from its aerodynamics, and therefore its energy performance, which is better than that of the ID.4.

VW announces 16.7 kWh/100 km for the 204 hp version of our test and to our surprise, we found… 16.3 kWh.

With yet a little more than 200 km of highway on the 400 of our course.

We are the first to point the finger at electric SUVs, but when it's good, it has to be said too.

But there, it's very good.

On the other hand, one wonders how VW obtains a range of 522 km with its official average.

Because with our lower average, we were more around 460-470 km.

What we find honorable.

And for those who are interested, we estimate the motorway autonomy at just over 400 km.

Not bad, but we are still far from considering going on vacation without seriously questioning our habits.


A (pretty) electric car with 500 km of autonomy for less than 13,000 €, is it possible?


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