China News Service, Taipei, June 18th. In 2022, the 2022 "Beautiful Books in the Past and New Books - Xi'an Beilin Cross-strait Book Exhibition" opened on the 18th at the Shuxin Hall of the Taipei Literature Museum.

  The exhibition is divided into two parts: "Hall of Calligraphy in the Treasure House of Classics and History - A Grand View on the Expansion of Famous Steles in the Forest of Steles" and "The Glory of Ancient and New Books - A Special Exhibition of Excellent Linshu Works", involving seal, clerical, regular, line, cursive, etc. A variety of calligraphy styles, comprehensive display of the famous stele inscriptions in Xi'an Forest of Steles and excellent temporary calligraphy works collected and selected from both sides of the strait, and a panoramic view of the inheritance, absorption and development of calligraphy art in the calligraphy circles on both sides of the strait.

  The event was co-sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Association, Taiwan Chinese Hanwei Cultural Promotion Association, Yu Qun, Vice Chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Luo Wenli, Honorary President of Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Association, Taiwan Chinese Hanwei Cultural Promotion Chen Chunlin, chairman of the association, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony via video and offline. More than 70 guests attended the scene in Taipei.

  Yu Qun said that the "Cross-Strait Pro Book Fair" opened in Taipei to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic, bringing a cultural feast to Taiwanese friends.

The two sides of the Taiwan Strait share the same origin, and the art of calligraphy is in the same line.

It is hoped that through the careful design and organization and implementation of the exhibition, the ancient calligraphy culture will be revived in the new era, and calligraphy lovers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can use the exhibition as a platform to jointly display the magical charm of calligraphy art and jointly promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

  Luo Wenli pointed out that the calligraphy art displayed by the stele is not only an important carrier of Chinese civilization, but also the spiritual source of the strong cohesion of the Chinese nation.

Sincerely hope that the exhibition can promote further in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of culture and art between the two sides of the strait, and hope that the exhibition will become a brand project of cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait, attracting more Taiwanese friends to enter Shaanxi, enter the forest of steles, and appreciate the breadth and depth of Chinese civilization and the permanence of calligraphy art. charm.

  In his speech, Chen Chunlin explained the theme of the exhibition "Longgu, New Books and Brilliant".

He believes that the exhibition reflects innovation in terms of content, form, meaning, time node and era node, and it is the inheritance and development of Chinese calligraphy. It contains the spirit of the times and the breath of the times.

  Chen Chunlin said in a telephone interview with a reporter from China News Agency that on the first day of the exhibition, the museum counted nearly 1,500 visitors, and many calligraphy lovers came to visit, which is especially rare under the epidemic.

He said that many viewers were amazed by mainland calligraphy works, and the exhibition promoted mutual appreciation and learning among people on both sides of the strait.

  It is reported that the exhibition will last until July 3.

On June 19, Zhu Huiliang, Steering Committee Member of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, will give a special lecture on the theme of "Crossing the Forest of Steles, Learning from History".

From September to October, the exhibition will also be displayed at the Zhongtai World Museum in Nantou, Taiwan.