The latest progress of wheat harvesting by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that as of June 17, 275 million mu of wheat has been harvested nationwide, and the progress of wheat harvesting in the main summer grain producing areas has exceeded 90%.

  With food in hand, don't panic.

This year is a special year. The international situation is complex and severe. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused international food tensions, and international food prices have fluctuated at high levels. Domestic epidemics have spread frequently, extreme weather has continued, and food production and harvesting have been under pressure.

In the face of multiple risks and challenges, grasping food security is the cornerstone of stable economic and social development. From the perspective of adhering to "two establishments" and achieving "two maintenances", we must deeply understand the extreme importance and urgency of ensuring national food security. sex.

Summer grain harvest, active throughout the year.

It is necessary to unswervingly shoulder responsibility, strengthen technology, stabilize confidence, increase motivation, and go all out to fight the active battle of summer grain production and harvest, and firmly maintain the "big man of the country" for food security.

  Store grain in technology, improve quality and efficiency, and always take the initiative to grasp the Chinese rice bowl.

The change of summer grain from "bumper harvest in sight" to "bumper harvest in hand" is inseparable from the help of agricultural mechanization.

According to the news network, reducing the loss of wheat harvest by one percentage point can restore more than 2.5 billion catties of grain.

It is necessary to speed up the empowerment of agricultural machinery by technology, vigorously promote the reduction technology of mechanical harvesting, promote the replacement of combine harvesters, strengthen the training of agricultural machinery operators, and ensure that the harvest of grain is in the "suitable harvest period". warehouse.

At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively enhance the innovation of agricultural science and technology, pay attention to the deep integration of science and technology and production, guide researchers to focus on key links in agriculture, apply science and technology, measures and achievements to the industry, transform them into agricultural productivity, and provide strong support for food security.

  Accurate service, stable confidence, and safeguarding the vital interests of grain producers.

It is most important to stabilize the confidence in growing grains and maintain farmers' income from growing grains.

Recently, the central government issued a subsidy of 10 billion yuan for agricultural materials to support summer harvest and autumn sowing production. After the central government issued a one-time subsidy fund of 20 billion yuan in March this year, it once again sent real money to the majority of grain growers.

To make good use of the “policy red envelopes” for the main body of grain planting, it is also necessary for agricultural and rural departments at all levels to take the initiative to put in place and provide front-line services, consolidate the main force to the fields, improve the accuracy of the subsidy policy, and ensure that the subsidy funds are implemented in the actual grain planting. In the hands of the most important producers, it will be distributed in full and in place in a timely manner, so that the majority of grain growers can grow and receive grain with confidence, and improve the sense of gain of the grain growers.

  Take advantage of the momentum and work harder, and resolutely stick to the bottom line of food security.

Food security is a top priority, and it must be done for a long time and in our hands.

Summer grain is the "first battle" for a bumper grain harvest in the whole year. It is currently in the critical period of summer harvest, summer planting, and summer management. On the one hand, it is necessary to persevere in field management, focusing on preventing diseases and insect pests, drought, dry and hot wind, and lodging. work to ensure that the summer grains are safe and mature, and the grains are returned to the warehouse; on the other hand, it is necessary to fight the tough battle of drought resistance and promote summer planting and summer management, scientifically allocate water sources, create moisture and plant seeds in a timely manner, and do a good job in maintaining moisture and temperature, management of fertilizer and water, and deployment of agricultural machinery, etc. Achieving the fullness of summer grain crops, ensuring that the summer harvest is strong, the summer seeds are orderly, and the summer management is strong.

  The people are the foundation of the country, and the valley is the life of the people.

For a big country with a population of 1.4 billion, only by paying close attention to food security from time to time and every year, and firmly grasping the initiative in food security, can the Chinese people's rice bowls be more firmly supported and the Chinese economy can move towards high-quality development. More confidence.

  Xu Guiyong