EU: digital platforms pledge to step up their fight against disinformation

The European Union wants to encourage digital platforms to better fight against online disinformation.


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The European Union wants to better fight against disinformation.

Brussels has urged digital platforms to commit by adopting a new European code of good practice against false information on Thursday. 


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Giants like Meta, Google, Twitter, or TikTok promise to move the lines.

About forty commitments have thus been included in this European code

The platforms claim that they will now deprive sites spreading false information of advertising.

They assure that they will set up better cooperation with fact-checkers, these fact checkers who are multiplying on social networks and in online media. 

If platforms do not make an effort to reduce

the risk of misinformation

, they could be fined up to 6% of their global turnover. 

Tools that facilitate the reporting of false information should allow platforms to be more responsive.

The fight against bots, these programmed robot accounts that automatically send messages, should also increase.

For Brussels, the adoption of this new code was a major challenge at a time when Russia uses disinformation every day as a weapon in its war in Ukraine.

However, some large companies like Apple have not yet signed this new European code. 


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