The Liberal Democratic Party announced its pledge for the Upper House election on the 16th.

Aiming to achieve the required budget level within five years for the drastic strengthening of defense capabilities, and strengthening support for consumers and businesses by utilizing grants as a measure against rising prices, etc. Is included.

On the evening of the 16th, the Liberal Democratic Party announced a pledge for the House of Councilors election with the slogan "Decision and execution. Protect Japan. Create the future."

The pledge positions seven areas as priority policies, and in the first diplomatic and security policy, NATO = members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization aim for defense spending in order to drastically strengthen defense capabilities. Keeping in mind that GDP = 2% or more of the gross domestic product, it is clearly stated that we aim to achieve the required budget level within five years from next year.

It also includes possession of "counterattack capability" to deter and deal with armed attacks on Japan, including ballistic missile attacks.

In addition, as a measure against rising prices, the government's urgent measures have suppressed the rise in prices compared to the United States, etc. It is said that it will strengthen measures according to the local circumstances, such as support for the government and reduction of the burden of school lunch costs.

Furthermore, in terms of economic policy, the Kishida administration's "new capitalism" will create a society where people can experience a strong economy and affluence. Aiming to realize public-private investment exceeding 150 trillion yen in the next 10 years, and ◇ Incorporating the maximum utilization of nuclear power that has been confirmed to be safe for the stable supply of energy. is.

In addition, as a measure against the new corona, in addition to securing domestically produced medicines and vaccines, the company plans to strengthen the function of the control tower.

Regarding the constitutional amendment, it is clearly stated that "the amendment will be realized at an early stage", and it is an expression that goes further than the promise of last year's House of Representatives election, which was "aiming for realization".

Mr. Takaichi said, "The situation inside and outside the country is changing rapidly, and despite the various anxieties of the people, we have put our stance and determination to firmly protect what we should protect."