This Thursday, a policewoman was seriously injured in the premises of the Dunkirk police station, in the North.

She tried to end her life by shooting herself in the chest, we learned from a police source and union sources.

The official acted in the locker room of the police station, around 7:30 a.m., the police source said.

She was transported to the hospital, "without a priori vital prognosis".

According to a union source, she had "called the station" to say that she was going to "put a bullet" and "she fired".

A report for “moral harassment”

According to a second union source, she had alerted the DDSP (Departmental Directorate of Public Security) by mail to a situation of moral harassment at work of which she considered herself a victim.

An administrative investigation was immediately opened.

Asked by AFP, the DDSP has not yet responded.

“She is a fragile colleague,” said this source.

“But there is a link in the chain which is failing” at the Dunkirk police station, she added, specifying that other colleagues were “really in pain”.

Police officers are invited to gather on Friday in front of the Dunkirk police station, at the call of the Unit SGP Police union.

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