[On the field of hope, the three summer season] my country has harvested 256 million mu of summer wheat and entered the peak


(News Network): At present, 256 million mu of wheat has been harvested in the main summer grain producing areas in China, and the progress is close to 85%.

As the wheat harvest advances from south to north in a large area, summer seeds also reach their peak.

  At present, the wheat harvest in Henan and Jiangsu has ended, and the wheat harvest in Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi and Hebei is being accelerated.

  In Laixi, Shandong, more than 660,000 mu of wheat has entered the centralized harvest period, and more than 30 local social service organizations and volunteer service teams are active in the front line of wheat harvest.

The children of Xin Xihua, a farmer in Wujiatun Village, are working outside. With the help of the volunteer service team, her family's 3 mu of wheat was harvested and delivered to her home in less than an hour.

  In Weinan, Shaanxi, in order to get more than 4.3 million mu of wheat grains in the city before the thunderstorm and strong winds arrived, the local organization organized the cadres of the agricultural and rural departments to go to the front line, contracting villages and households, and rushing to harvest day and night.

  In Feixiang, Hebei, in order to ensure that 320,000 mu of wheat is harvested in the right harvest period, all 265 local villages have set up party members to help teams, implement grid management, build task lists, and clarify detailed information such as assistance objects and machine harvesting time. .

  With the steady progress of the wheat harvest in the main producing areas, the summer planting has also started in an orderly manner.

  In Yingshang, Anhui, the unmanned rice transplanter is used as one of the main technologies to promote rice transplanting in a large area.

Song Weida, a major grain grower, added two new unmanned rice transplanters, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of rice sowing.

  According to the agricultural situation dispatch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs today (June 14), 44.3% of the intended area for summer planting has been completed, and the overall progress is smooth.