Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the EU-European Union, which is diversifying its energy sources, is collaborating with Israel and Egypt in the Middle East to ensure stable procurement of natural gas produced in the eastern Mediterranean. We have agreed to strengthen it.

The EU, Israel and Egypt met on the 15th in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and agreed to strengthen cooperation for a stable supply of natural gas produced in the eastern Mediterranean to Europe. ..

The agreement confirmed that natural gas produced off the coast of Israel would be transported to Egypt by pipeline, then liquefied and exported to Europe, as well as technological development to improve transportation technology.

After the agreement, EU President Ursula von der Leyen said at a meeting, "The two countries are truly credible as they move from fossil fuels to credible partners in Russia to diversify their energy sources. It's a supplier, "he emphasized the significance of the agreement.

Regarding natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, which is said to have abundant reserves, neighboring countries were seeking cooperation, such as the construction of a submarine pipeline to Europe, but Russia's military invasion of Ukraine. In response to this, cooperation has accelerated.