China News Service, June 14. According to the WeChat public account "Consular Express" of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently, the overall security situation in Cameroon is grim.

Violent activities in the southwest and northwest regions continued, with frequent attacks and kidnappings against foreign citizens.

Terrorist organizations in Adamawa, the northern region and the extreme north region have frequent activities, and hijacking and terrorist attacks have occurred from time to time.

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Cameroon remind Chinese citizens not to travel to the southwest and northwest regions of Cameroon for the time being, and to evacuate or transfer to a relatively safe area as soon as possible for those who are already there.

Travel to Adamawa, the North, and the Far North Region with caution. Local personnel and institutions have been closely monitoring the situation, maintaining high vigilance, strengthening security precautions and emergency preparedness, and ensuring personal and property safety.

Personnel in other areas strengthen precautions and pay attention to safety.

In case of emergency, please call the police in time and get in touch with the embassy in Cameroon.

  In view of the special circumstances of the above-mentioned areas, if Chinese citizens insist on going to or staying in the relevant areas, the parties may face higher security risks and affect the effectiveness of obtaining assistance.

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  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline (24 hours):



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