China News Service, June 14. According to a comprehensive compilation report by New Zealand's Tianwei Network, data released by Statistics New Zealand on June 13 showed that the number of people entering and leaving New Zealand in April 2022 exceeded 250,000, making it the highest month since the epidemic.

  In April 2022, a total of 266,700 people entered and exited, of which 125,100 were inbound and 141,600 were out.

However, the current figure is still well below the 1.2 million recorded in April 2019, before the outbreak.

  Since April 2020, the first full month after the border was closed due to the pandemic, New Zealand arrivals and departures fell to a low of 15,900 in May 2020 and rose to a high of 189,500 in May 2021.

  "The easing of border restrictions in recent months has led to an increase in arrivals and departures in April 2022. Easter and school holidays in April also contributed to the increase in arrivals and departures," said the Population Indicators Manager.

  Provisional figures for May 2022 show further growth in the number of people entering and leaving the country. From early May 2022, overseas tourists from 60 visa-free countries will be allowed to enter New Zealand if they meet the entry criteria.

  After assessing arrival cards and immigration data, there are three types of travellers entering New Zealand:

  - Overseas tourists on short-term trips (within 12 months);

  - New Zealand residents travelling for a short period of time;

  - Immigrants (people who change their country of residence).

Inbound tourists from Australia dominate

  Almost 80 per cent of the 54,300 overseas tourists arriving in April 2022 were from Australia, followed by the UK (4 per cent) and the US (3 per cent).

  "In April 2022, almost 60 per cent of inbound tourists were New Zealand citizens travelling from their country of residence (mainly Australia). New Zealand citizens are generally New Zealand's largest group of inbound tourists since March 2020 when borders were closed due to the outbreak. ” said the population indicators manager.

  In April 2022, the main travel purpose of inbound tourists was to visit relatives and friends (80%), followed by vacation (9%) and business travel (6%).

New Zealand residents make up the largest share of incoming tourist arrivals

  In April 2022, 64,700 New Zealand residents entered the country, the highest number since the border was closed.

Of these, 54% returned from Australia, followed by the Cook Islands (11%), Fiji (9%) and India (6%).

About two-thirds of trips are to visit family and friends, and nearly a quarter are for vacations.

Net migration loss due to non-New Zealand citizens

  In the year to April 2022, there were 46,500 immigration arrivals and 55,200 immigration departures, resulting in a net immigration of -8,700.

Previously, in the year to April 2021, net migration was -2,800.

  The 8,700-year net migration loss in April 2022 was due to a net loss of 8,900 non-New Zealand citizens, offsetting a net gain of 200 New Zealand citizens.

  This figure indicates a continuing reversal of historical patterns.

It used to be that more non-New Zealand citizens entered the country than New Zealand citizens exited each year.

(Tina King)