Before the end of the Diet session on the 15th, Prime Minister Kishida and Komeito representative Yamaguchi met and confirmed that the LDP and Komeito will work together to win the Upper House election next month.

Prime Minister Kishida and Komeito representative Yamaguchi met for about an hour while having lunch at the Prime Minister's Office on the afternoon of the 14th.

Among them, the Liberal Democratic Party is aiming for victory in the election, as the Diet will reach the end of the session on the 15th, the House of Councilors election will be announced on the 22nd next week, and the voting will be held on the 10th next month.・ We have confirmed that the two parties will work together.

In addition, as prices continue to rise due to the prolonged situation in Ukraine and public anxiety is increasing, we will respond flexibly by utilizing the supplementary budget for this year, which was approved by the Diet last month. It was a match.

After the meeting, Mr. Yamaguchi told reporters about the election cooperation with the Liberal Democratic Party, "We have been recommending each other, so we would like to work together to make it effective."