Encouraging women to work in various sectors

7% increase in the number of female nationals affiliated with Abu Dhabi Police

Emirati women have proven to be highly efficient at work.

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The Abu Dhabi Police General Command revealed that the number of female Emiratis working in the various police sectors increased by 7.09% last year, out of its total workforce, and the number of employees of people of determination in leadership increased by 5.94%, while the percentage of Emiratisation in leadership reached 93.02%.

Abu Dhabi Police stated that it has implemented a set of initiatives to support job happiness, where the percentage of job happiness reached 90.9%, and the percentage of employee satisfaction was 91.2%.

Abu Dhabi Police affirmed its interest in encouraging national female elements to work in their various sectors, motivating them and paying attention to their ideas and efforts to advance the process of police and security work, pointing out that the female element currently occupies all positions in the security field.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that Emirati women enjoy the highest levels of efficiency, whether in the areas of office or field work or providing distinguished police services to the public, to demonstrate their commitment to performing the tasks entrusted to them since joining the police corps.

Abu Dhabi Police affirmed its keenness to attract the best national cadres to meet their needs and fill vacancies to contribute to achieving Abu Dhabi Police’s endeavors to promote Emiratisation and provide suitable job opportunities for citizens.

Abu Dhabi Police launched a smart platform for employment without the need for personal attendance, as it enables those wishing to view the latest vacancies that are being added, create CVs for applicants, introduce them to the steps of creating a file, and list qualifications, courses, experiences and talents.

The Department of Selection and Appointment in Abu Dhabi Police, through the smart platform for employment, announces vacancies in Abu Dhabi Police, in order to reach the largest possible segment of society, and then data of applicants for jobs is collected, and the employment database is fed.

The platform is characterized by electronic linkage with the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, and it can check and verify the accuracy of the application entry data through the unified number and identity number.

smart platform

Abu Dhabi Police called on those wishing to be employed by the Abu Dhabi Police to enter the smart platform (


), through the phone or smart devices, and click on Create CV, and follow the steps to create their file, which includes Basic information, qualifications, experience, courses, talents and other fields. In each of the steps, the required data and documents must be filled out and saved, then pledge and acknowledge the correctness of the data and information recorded, and finally submit the application.

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