All parliamentary parties want to increase pensions, but it has not been possible to agree on how this should be done.

Now the government, together with the Left Party and the Green Party, has agreed on a new broad proposal together with the Center Party.

- It will mean a real strengthening of the pension for those who need it best, says Minister of Social Insurance Ardalan Shekarabi at a press conference.

Different suggestions

Two main proposals have so far been on the table.

The government's proposal, which is supported by the V and MP, was about a so-called guarantee supplement of SEK 1,000 tax-free for those with the lowest income-based pension.

They also wanted to investigate a so-called "gas in the pension system"

The right-wing opposition, consisting of M, KD, SD and L, has instead proposed an increased guarantee pension of SEK 600 in combination with a housing supplement and reduced tax for all pensioners.

In addition, further proposals, initiated by the Center Party, have been presented as a kind of compromise.

The Finance Committee meets

The government has now agreed with V, MP and C on another new compromise proposal which, according to the Minister of Social Insurance, entails a "strengthening of the minimum pensions" but also "further reforms in the pension area" (see the entire proposal in the fact box).

The proposal was presented in the pension group on Monday morning, but shortly afterwards the opposition (M, SD, KD and L) announced that they were saying no to the new offer.

- We see that the investment we are making covers all of Sweden's pensioners and is a better proposal.

That is why we will stick to it, says the moderates' economic-political spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson.