• The Nupes candidates came in first place in eight out of ten constituencies in Loire-Atlantique, where LREM had made a tidal wave five years ago.

  • Far behind, the National Rally continues its breakthrough.

Ten duels between La République en Marche and La Nupes.

Here is the summary of the outcome of the first round of legislative elections in Loire-Atlantique, Sunday evening.

While the presidential majority came far ahead in the ten constituencies five years ago, creating surprise in this department where the PS held eight seats, the balance of power is much more unfavorable to it today.

Nupes winning in eight out of ten constituencies

Because this time, it is the candidates of the union of the left who lead the dance with eight of them in first position, realizing sometimes significant differences.

In the 2nd constituency, a Nantes-Nantes sector which carried Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the lead in the 1st round of the presidential election, Andy Kerbrat totaled 10,000 votes more than the walker from the first hour Valérie Oppelt.

"The people on the left asked us for it, it's a real hope that we were able to recreate", welcomes Julie Laernoës, EELV candidate (under the Nupes label) in the lead in the 4th district with 42.8 % of votes ahead of Aude Amadou.

Former Secretary of State Sarah El Haïry in the lead

The outgoing bonus still worked for two Macronist candidates, who manage to climb to first position: Sophie Errante who hopes to gain access to a third term in the 10th constituency and the former Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry , which totaled 37.45% of the votes in the 5th.

"We need a solid majority that will hold," said the outgoing MP who left the government just a few days ago.

And not from an extreme left alliance, which hides many disagreements.

Note that outgoing LREM Anne-France Brunet (Nantes-Saint-Herblain), Sandrine Josso (La Baule-Guérande) and Yannick Haury (Pays-de-Retz), weakened by separate court cases, qualify, but at every time in second place.

The RN progresses, LR in retreat

If no triangular will take place next Sunday (in particular because of the abstention, on the rise, by around 49%), the National Rally continues its breakthrough in Loire-Atlantique by placing itself in third position in seven constituencies, as in those of Saint-Nazaire (8th) or Châteaubriant (6th).

If they are however far behind the leading pair, these scores are also synonymous with a big defeat for the Republicans, who had qualified five candidates in the second round of the legislative elections in 2017. This time they are most often excluded from the trio of head, usually in fourth place.

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Legislative results 2022: In Loire-Atlantique, the RN will not be in the second round, but is ahead of Les Républicains


Legislative results 2022: In Loire-Atlantique, former Secretary of State Sarah El Haïry in the lead

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