If you want to have your bulky waste picked up in Frankfurt, you currently have to pick up the phone and dial 0800 2 00 80 07 10.

The online registration for the service is just as inaccessible as the Internet portal through which commercial customers can order a waste container.

The Frankfurt waste disposal and service group FES is a customer of the Darmstadt data center operator Count and Care, which belongs to the energy company Entega AG and became the target of a hacker attack on Sunday.

Bernhard Biener

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung

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According to its spokesman in Darmstadt, the FES only has a few automated services carried out.

As a precaution, all servers connected to the service provider were taken offline and all connections were severed.

In the case of the Frankfurt FES, there are still a few inconveniences for the citizens.

The website is accessible, and even more important: the waste-to-energy plant and all disposal systems continue to run without restrictions.

Hospitals, administrations, supermarkets

The networks for electricity, gas and water at Entega AG are not affected by the hacker attack either.

However, the personnel accounts of the 2000 employees were encrypted.

The so-called ransomware only releases the data again after payment of a ransom - this is the business model of the perpetrators.

They have also paralyzed a number of websites.

In Darmstadt, for example, that of Entega itself, but also that of the transport companies Heag Mobilo and Heag Mobibus, the Darmstadt construction association, the disposal company EAD and the Digitalstadt-Gesellschaft.

The website of Stadtwerke Mainz was also not available again on Monday.

This also applied to the Taubertsbergbad and the Kunsthalle Mainz.

No one could say how long the disturbances would last.

The Darmstadt IT service provider contacted the Cyber ​​Competence Center (Hessen 3 C) on Sunday, as confirmed by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior.

It is the state government's central cybersecurity facility.

A mobile team then advised Count and Care on the spot and supported the evidence-preserving data backup and IT forensic evaluation.

The Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) at the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office was also involved.

The investigators did not want to say what type of ransomware or computer virus it was.

"It will play a decisive role which group of perpetrators the malware is assigned to," said a spokesman.

At the beginning of 2021, the ZIT, together with the Federal Criminal Police Office and international investigators, struck a spectacular blow against the authors of the Emotet malware.

However, only a small proportion of cases are reported, the spokesman said.

Universities, hospitals and administrations have been the target of hacker attacks, as has the Tegut supermarket chain.