China News Service, June 13. According to the Japan Jiji News Agency, on the 13th, the amendment to the Japanese Criminal Law, which severely punishes the crime of "insulting", was approved by a majority of the Senate at the plenary session and officially became law.

The amendment aims to curb slander and slander that exists on the Internet.

  Specifically, on the basis of "detention or fine" for "insulting crime" in the current law, a clause of "imprisonment of less than one year or imprisonment, and a maximum fine of 300,000 yen" is added.

  However, Japan's opposition parties expressed strong concerns that the increased punishment could hinder freedom of speech.

To this end, the Japanese Diet decided to add a supplement to verify whether the amendment imposes unreasonable restrictions on freedom of speech after three years.

  In 2020, Japanese professional wrestler Hana Kimura suffered severe cyber violence for appearing in a TV show, and then committed suicide, which sparked discussions in Japanese public opinion on severely punishing cyber violence.