“We (Belarus and Russia. - RT ) have our own plans - for economic integration, for the implementation of 28 union programs.

Indeed, a milestone economic integration... We have reached the finish line of implementation, ”the ONT television channel quotes the Secretary of State.

Mezentsev also spoke about further ways of interaction between the allied states.

“Russia and Belarus are going where they should go – to strengthening union cooperation, to supporting import substitution programs, to forming new production chains so that Belarusian and Russian enterprises are loaded, so that the huge Russian market is guaranteed to receive and support agricultural producers in Belarus," he said.

At the same time, the Secretary of State of Belarus mentioned the sanctions of Western countries, calling them "indecent", and the current situation "a spiral to nowhere." 

On June 10, First Deputy Minister of Industry of Belarus Alexander Ogorodnikov said that the republic was ready to increase the supply of dump trucks and bulldozers against the backdrop of Japan's refusal to export vehicles to Russia.