29 thousand students will take the twelfth exams tomorrow in 87 schools

Tomorrow (Monday), 295,707 students from grades (12-3) in public and private schools that apply the Ministry of Education curriculum will take the exams at the end of the current academic year, including

28,916 students in the twelfth grade.

 Twelfth grade students will take exams in public and private schools that apply the ministerial curriculum, at the end of the current academic year, in 87 schools across the country, according to what the Emirates Foundation for School Education has determined.

School administrations stressed the obligation to attend school half an hour before the test timing, to wear the school uniform, to abide by the precautionary measures inside the school as well as inside the exam hall, and the need to wear a mask in order to preserve the safety of all.

The administrations stressed to all students the importance of bringing their ministerial computers with the charger throughout the examination period.

The Emirates School Education Foundation has identified five procedures for examining students of the People of Determination category, which came in the guide for schools' preparation for exams, which was recently approved by the Foundation.

The procedures included that all exams for students of the category of people of determination in grades from the fifth to the twelfth, be conducted electronically through realistic attendance inside schools, and as for the exams for the third and fourth grades, they will be on paper through realistic attendance inside schools, and the procedures also included that students with People of Determination who follow an individual educational plan “adaptation” for the same central exam, which is prepared for the rest of the students, with the application of all the adaptations mentioned in the exam guide for people of determination.

The guide clarified that students of determination who follow an individual educational plan "modifying the curriculum and exams" are evaluated electronically by subject teachers, in coordination with the special education teacher in the school, so that the exam is prepared according to the individual educational plan, for grades three to eleven. In the twelfth grade, they sit for the central exam with the rest of the students, while providing the needs mentioned for each student in the individual study plan approved in the Al-Manhal system, in addition to forming special committees for students of determination in the event that their individual educational plan stipulates that.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has identified a package of violations that are prohibited for students in the end-of-year exams, and according to the evidence of schools’ readiness for the end-of-school exams, including using mobile phones or electronic devices with audio and visual features, or leaving them in the exam hall, cheating, or providing written material, or group answers.

Violations included physical assault in or outside the examination committee, on school property, or in the external yards surrounding the committee’s campus, or it was proven that they were assaulted after the results were issued. It also violates every student who tries to photograph the exam screen, whether electronic or paper, using a mobile phone. Or electronic devices, or audio and video recording, and circulating them on social media, before or after the start of the exam, in good faith, or on purpose.

The institution said that creating digital communication groups with the aim of publishing and circulating exam documents before the start of exams, or after them in good faith, is a violation that the student will be punished for, stressing at the same time the need to take the appropriate decision for each violation by the school branch administration, if one of these exam violations is committed.

Violations included intentional damage to an exam paper or computer, writing on a table or wall, deliberately sitting in a place other than the designated place without being asked, or performing any act or behavior that would disrupt order in the exam hall to cause chaos and others.

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