Prime Minister Kishida will soon arrive in Singapore and give a keynote speech at the Asian Security Council.

He has announced a new vision for peace and will announce a concrete plan to promote the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" by next spring.

Prime Minister Kishida, who departed from Haneda Airport after noon on the 10th, will soon arrive in Singapore.

After this, he attended the "Asia Security Council" to be held from 9 pm Japan time, and from 9 pm Japan time, he has been the keynote for the first time in eight years since the former Prime Minister Abe. I will give a lecture.

In the lecture, Prime Minister Kishida announced a new concept for peace based on the situation in Ukraine and announced a concrete plan to promote "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" by next spring. It is expected to announce that.

In addition, he expressed his intention to drastically strengthen Japan's defense capabilities and further strengthen the deterrence and coping capabilities of the Japan-US alliance. It seems to call for efforts.

While the need to maintain and strengthen the international order has been pointed out due to Russia's military invasion and China's supremacy, Prime Minister Kishida will send out a new concept for regional peace and stability. I would like to emphasize the attitude of working independently.