Now it's done: The special fund has also passed the Federal Council.

The Bundeswehr will be enriched by 100 billion euros and the constitution will be enriched by an oblique provision.

The announced turning point has at best been initiated.

Because even extensive procurement lists are still no guarantee for a strengthening of Germany's defense capability.

If there is not even clarity in dealing with the crystal-clear aggression of Putin, who apparently (not only?) wants to bring Ukraine "home" into his empire, how can one then credibly determine one's own interests and a resulting order for the armed forces?

The forces of perseverance, especially in the civilian administration of the Bundeswehr, should at least survive this battle, if not win it.

Germany wants to buy its freedom once again, and not only in the field of defense.

The increase in pensions and the minimum wage with the simultaneous suspension of the Hartz IV sanctions, which the Federal Council also approved, are part of the routine of the welfare state, but are at best a parody of a turning point in these times.

The nationwide pouring out of the cornucopia calms, but is neither a fight against the crisis nor a signal of departure.

On the contrary: If you take the general sustainability babble even halfway seriously, if you believe, as with climate protection, that it is basically just after twelve, then you can't go on running into debt, tightening chains and rewarding idleness.

When, if not now, would it be time to reduce stress and promote freedom, entrepreneurship and self-reliance?

Prohibitions do not bring about innovations.

Not so long ago, main battle tanks were already considered obsolete.

Luckily they weren't banned.

The expensive narcotics may last longer than the next elections.

The hangover after waking up will be all the greater.