The large-scale wheat harvest is in full swing, and the progress of wheat harvest in the main producing areas is accelerated

A bumper harvest in summer grain production is in sight (focus on summer grain production)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "For a large country like ours with a population of 1.4 billion, the basic position of agriculture cannot be ignored or weakened at any time. It is the truth to have food in hand and not panic at any time." To take the initiative in food security, we must pay close attention to food production every year.”

  The fields are all dyed, and the wheat ears are fragrant.

In the fields of Xulou Village, Xianju Township, Guangshan County, Henan Province, large harvesters shuttle back and forth.

"Summer grains are opened, the grains are returned to the warehouse, and the harvest is proper!" said Yang Wenhu, a large grain grower.

  According to the dispatch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a bumper harvest of summer grain production across the country is currently in sight.

As of June 6, the country has harvested 167 million mu of winter wheat, and the harvest progress has reached 55%. The half time of wheat harvest is two days earlier than last year.

  Summer grain is the first season of annual grain production.

Since the beginning of this year, various localities have coordinated epidemic prevention and control and spring agricultural production, taking multiple measures to ensure a bumper harvest of summer grains, creating favorable conditions for a bumper grain harvest throughout the year, and laying a solid foundation for the stable and healthy operation of the economy.

The implementation of field management is meticulous, and the summer grain harvest is full of confidence

  Good policies, people work hard.

Since the beginning of this year, all regions and departments have gone all out to do a good job in grain production, implemented various subsidy policies, refined technical measures to increase production, prevented and responded to various meteorological disasters, diseases and insect pests, and overcome adverse effects such as rising agricultural prices and poor supply chains. Favorable conditions have been created for the summer grain harvest.

  Preventing the epidemic with one hand, working hard with the other, grasping with both hands, and hard with both hands.

  In a wheat field in Xuwei Village, Xuwei Township, Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province, dozens of combine harvesters rumbled, "swallowing" wheat ears and straw into their stomachs.

Looking at the golden grains of wheat, Shang Yue, the chairman of Shengshi Xingnong Cooperative, laughed from ear to ear.

  For this season's wheat harvest, Shang Yue took great care, and with the help of the local agricultural and rural departments, he has overcome many "hurdles" in succession.

Agricultural materials such as fertilizers, pesticides and seeds are included in the guaranteed supply catalog, and the agricultural materials for spring ploughing are continuously chained; the cooperatives carry out online consultations, online training and guidance, and fertilization and medicine are more accurate; all agricultural-related subsidies are in place, and farming has taken a "reassuring pill" ".

  Since the beginning of this year, various regions and departments have studied and formulated specific measures for spring ploughing and epidemic prevention, implemented differentiated prevention and control measures by classification and classification, and effectively opened up "stuck points" and "blocking points" to ensure that one day of farming time is not delayed, one mu of farmland is not abandoned, seeds, pesticides , chemical fertilizers and other agricultural materials are timely, and the production of spring sowing and spring ploughing has been carried out smoothly.

  From south to north, the summer harvest is very busy, and agricultural social services are all over the field.

At present, there are 955,000 agricultural socialized service organizations in my country, covering about 38.4% of small farmers nationwide.

The data shows that the farmers managed the whole process, and the cost and efficiency of wheat were about 356 yuan per mu.

During the summer harvest this year, various localities innovated service methods, vigorously promoted specialized and socialized services such as agricultural production trusteeship, and carried out services such as collection and replacement of seeds to ensure that the harvested grains are returned to the warehouse.

  The policy is powerful, the field management is implemented, and the foundation for a bumper harvest is consolidated.

  Affected by the flood disaster and the autumn flood, the wheat sowing date in Huaxian County, Henan Province was postponed by 7 to 10 days as a whole last year, and the 30,000 mu of wheat in the flood storage and detention area was sown late for nearly two months. The wheat fields were flooded twice.

Overcoming various difficulties and racing against the farming season, on December 6 last year, the 700 mu of land circulated by Wang Fuqiang was successfully sown with wheat.

  To strengthen field management, it is also necessary to rely on science and technology to strengthen seedlings.

In order to promote the weak and become strong, agricultural technology experts instructed Wang Fuqiang to ventilate the wheat, and give the wheat seedlings a fixed amount of water and fertilizer.

After guidance, the third-class seedlings of wheat were successfully transformed and upgraded to the second-class seedlings.

During the wheat harvest season, the ears of wheat are large and the grains are heavy. The wheat sown very late shows a bumper harvest.

Wang Fuqiang said: "After the yield test, the minimum yield per mu is more than 960 catties, and the actual income can reach 1000 catties to 1100 catties!"

  The policy is precise and forceful, and the implementation of field management is meticulous.

The central government allocated 1.6 billion yuan of subsidy funds for promoting growth and stabilizing production of summer grain wheat to support major winter wheat-producing provinces to promote and stabilize wheat production, prevent disasters and increase production, and prevent and control diseases and insect pests.

All localities pay close attention to key growth periods such as jointing, heading, and grain filling of wheat, and implement technical measures to stabilize and increase production, such as water and fertilizer regulation, and "one spray and three defenses", so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of wheat seedlings.

With the joint efforts of all parties, the growth of 336 million mu of winter wheat in the country is basically the same as that of normal years, laying the foundation for a bumper summer grain harvest.

Ensure that the particles are returned to the warehouse, and the wheat machine will run out of "acceleration"

  Farming has become "smart farming", and agricultural modernization has become the "golden pole" of food production.

  "Three summers" are very busy, and various departments in various regions have seized the supply and demand of wheat machine harvesting, emergency rush harvesting, and machine harvesting loss reduction and other work, and have taken measures to open up the blocking points and ensure the smooth flow of summer harvesting personnel and machines.

This year's "Three Summers", the country is expected to have 16.5 million units (sets) of various types of agricultural machinery into production.

  Excellent service, smooth flow, and orderly receipt of cross-regional machines.

  When the wheat is cooked and harvested, every second counts.

In the fields of Wei County, Hebei Province, large harvesters from all over the country are working intensively.

  This year, Wei County, relying on Sinochem's modern agricultural technology service platform, built the "Agricultural Machinery Hand Station" for the "Sanxia" cross-regional operation.

"The platform provides volunteer services such as information, accommodation, maintenance, and oil crops for agricultural machinery operators who work across districts in Wei County," said Su Xiaoyan, deputy county magistrate of Wei County. Using the Internet of Things technology, the platform locates all summer harvesting agricultural machinery with GPS and monitors daily activities. Track and workload to ensure the orderly development of machine collection.

  "The district issued us a cross-district operation permit, and highway tolls on the road are free." Liu Yuliang, head of Yuliang Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, said that excluding oil money, depreciation and other expenses, a harvester can make a year's net profit More than 100,000 yuan. "This year, the cross-regional machine collection, and the local area also distributed free masks and hand sanitizers. There are special personnel to guide, and the rush to collect is very fast."

  At present, more than 97% of my country's winter wheat is harvested by machine, and 30% of it requires mechanical cross-regional harvesting.

This year, 250,000 machines participated in cross-regional machine harvesting, and the total amount was sufficient.

All localities strive to do a good job in the organization and service of cross-regional machine harvesting operations, track the itinerary of the machine harvesting team, and implement the green channel policy for agricultural machinery.

Timely release information on machine harvesting operations, speed up harvesting progress, ensure unobstructed passage of agricultural machinery and machinery, and make every effort to ensure the smooth development of wheat machine harvesting.

  Strengthen agricultural machinery, focus on training, reduce losses and improve quality and efficiency of machinery harvesting.

  In the fields of Bozhou City, Anhui Province, a special competition for machine harvesting and loss reduction kicked off, and four Lovol Valley wheat harvesters roared past.

"The large machinery is powerful, the double-screen throwing rate is low, the cleanliness is high, and the travel speed can be adjusted in real time according to the dry humidity of the wheat, and it is easy to harvest 200 mu of wheat fields a day." Liu Jihua, a 50-year-old agricultural machine operator, said, "I can harvest more than anyone before. Hurry up, whoever loses less now is to raise more and better food."

  In Laosengtang Town, Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province, 63,000 mu of wheat is basically harvested by machine.

Before the opening of the sickle, the agricultural machinery station organized a unified training for the whole town's agricultural machinery operators, and many contents such as the height of straw stubble and the reduction of machinery harvesting were clearly regulated.

"Loss reduction means increased production, and a good machine operator brings a good harvest." Ding Zenglong, an agricultural machine operator, became a "lecturer", patiently explaining the operation essentials and details such as inspection and maintenance of machinery before harvesting, and the best harvesting period for wheat harvesting.

  Grain loss, agricultural machinery first.

According to estimates, the loss rate of wheat machine harvesting has been reduced by 1 percentage point on average, and about 2.5 billion catties of grain can be recovered nationwide.

In the summer harvest this year, the state has stepped up efforts to promote the reduction of machine harvesting, speeding up the replacement frequency of combine harvesters, and the training guidance on wheat machine harvesting loss reduction covers all licensed operators to minimize the loss of machine harvesting and ensure that the grains are returned to the warehouse.

Optimal supply provides benefits, and food production moves towards high quality

  While ensuring national food security, changing the mode of food development and finding an intensive, efficient, safe and sustainable food development path is the bright color of summer grain production.

  This year, all localities have focused on promoting agriculture with quality, green agriculture, and brand-strengthening agriculture, promoting the high-quality development of the grain industry, and promoting national food security to a higher level.

  Product quality is high, and high-quality brand wheat is booming in the market.

  "Good seeds bring good harvests, and the core area of ​​1,600 mu is all planted with high-quality wheat." In the good seed fields of Qingnong Seed Production and Marketing Cooperative in Liaolan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province, Hou Yuanjiang, chairman of the cooperative, said cheerfully that the new wheat The variety "Qingnong No. 7" per mu has exceeded 800 kilograms for two consecutive years.

  In recent years, Hou Yuanjiang has combined the breeding of improved varieties with the demonstration of varieties, driving more than 5,000 farmers in more than 30 surrounding villages to implement wheat breeding, and the purchase price is 10% higher than the market price.

Polygonum wheat with full grain and bright color has grown into a national agricultural product geographical indication product.

The local government promoted the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the grain industry, carried out the "China Good Grain and Oil" campaign, and achieved contiguous planting and large-scale operation of high-quality varieties.

  Looking at the whole country, all localities focus on optimizing the structure of grain varieties and developing high-quality special varieties that are in short supply in the market.

At present, the national high-quality special wheat area accounts for 37.3%, and the number of certified green, organic and geographically indicated agricultural products has reached 59,000.

  Investment reduction, weight loss and medicine reduction drive green production.

  "Relying on green planting, the average yield per mu of the newly harvested experimental field has increased by more than 5%!" Villager Chen Yunlu praised the high-standard farmland in Linhe Village, Guanmiao Town, Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

This year, Chen Yunlu selected 166 mu of farmland to participate in the test of improving the quality of cultivated land and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers Double boost.

At present, Suyu District has built 5 intelligent field monitoring stations for crop pests and diseases, and the coverage rate of green prevention and control of wheat pests and diseases is steadily advancing.

  The investment is reduced and the benefit is doubled.

Since the beginning of this year, green prevention and control technologies such as soil testing, formula fertilization, and water and fertilizer integration have been widely adopted in various regions, and the reduction and efficiency of agricultural inputs have been continuously promoted.

At present, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in my country has experienced negative growth for five consecutive years. The utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for the three major food crops has exceeded 40%, and the coverage rate of green prevention and control of major crop diseases and insect pests has reached 46%.

  A bumper harvest of summer grain production is in sight, the foundation of the granary of a big country is getting more and more stable, and the life of hundreds of millions of farmers is getting more and more exciting.

  Our reporter Gao Yuncai Changqin

The large-scale wheat harvest is in full swing, and the progress of wheat harvest in the main producing areas is accelerated