On the 10th, the NHK Party announced its pledge for the summer House of Councilors election.

With "free NHK reception fee for pensioners" as a pillar, "finally aiming for the realization of NHK scrambled broadcasting".

On the 10th, the NHK party announced a pledge for the Upper House election with the slogan "Destroy NHK!" At a press conference by the leader of the Tachibana party.

The pledge is to "introduce free NHK reception fees for pensioners as a system" and "finally revise the unreasonable reception fee system and aim to realize NHK scrambled broadcasting."

The economic policy states that the government will be required to reduce taxes such as consumption tax and social insurance premiums.

In addition, the security policy states that defense spending should be raised to about 2% of GDP = gross domestic product, and that so-called "enemy base attack capability" should be held to the extent necessary to protect the lives and property of the people. He points out that he is seeking discussions on legislative development, including the constitution.

Mr. Tachibana said, "If we can get more votes than expected, it will be a public opinion that pensioners are quite reluctant to pay the reception fee. It raises the problem that the reception fee system itself is strange."