• Loire-Atlantique has ten constituencies.

    This Sunday, more than a hundred candidates are running for the first round of the legislative elections.

  • An LREM-Nupes duel is looming in several constituencies in the department, historically anchored on the left.

  • If François de Rugy takes his leave, the former Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry is running for a second term.

Five years ago, a real tidal wave occurred on the evening of the second round of legislative elections in Loire-Atlantique, a historic bastion of the left.

With sometimes very significant differences in votes, the presidential party LREM was a full house, winning all the constituencies and inflicting a heavy defeat on the socialist party which had so far held eight out of ten.

Mostly unknown in 2017, eight of these deputies are standing for a second term this Sunday, boosted by the 77% score achieved by Emmanuel Macron in the department in the last election.

Except that the political landscape has all the same changed a lot: despite dissidence in one camp as in the other, the main forces of the left hitherto disunited present themselves this time under the same label.

And the first place of Jean-Luc Mélenchon obtained in Nantes in the first round of the presidential election (with 33% of the votes) gives confidence to these Nupes candidates.

The Republicans, who had lost their one and only seat in 2017, also hope to return to the race by betting on a few local figures, like municipal and departmental councilors Sophie Van Goethem in Nantes or Charlotte Luquiau in Vallet.

The Rassemblement National is sleazy about one or two constituencies like Saint-Nazaire, despite the presence of Reconquest candidates.

The former secretary of state represents herself

However, it is an LREM-Nupes duel which is looming in several constituencies (and in particular those of the Nantes agglomeration) at the end of the first round on Sunday.

The first, held by François de Rugy (LREM) who bows out in favor of his deputy Mounir Belhamiti, will it ultimately fall into the hands of the PS, which presents only one official candidate as part of the covenant?

Who will come out on top between Valérie Oppelt (LREM) and Andy Kerbrat (LFI) in the second constituency, exclusively Nantes?

The question also arises in the 5th where the candidate of the presidential party is none other than the former Secretary of State in charge of Youth, Sarah El-Haïry (MoDem), who has just left the government.

In the 4th,

Elsewhere, the games are perhaps a little more open, especially since several cases have come to taint the campaign of the candidates for their succession.

Sandrine Josso and Anne-France Brunet (LREM) leave weakened due to legal disputes with former parliamentary attachés, while Yannick Haury filed a complaint Thursday for slanderous denunciation after being accused of sexual assault.

Will this turmoil affect participation, which could also reshuffle the cards?

Because let us remember, to qualify for the second round next Sunday, it will be necessary to collect more than 12.5% ​​of the votes of registered voters!

The latter, more than a million in the department, will have to choose between a dozen other candidates from various parties that have been registered in each of the ten constituencies.


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