China News Service, Hong Kong, June 9 (Reporter Zhang Xiaoxi) The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, attended the last Chief Executive Q&A session of the Legislative Council during her tenure on the 9th.

At the question-and-answer meeting, she said that she has handed over a performance sheet that is worthy of her own, which is also a complete end to her 42-year public service career. "A brighter future for business.

  In her opening remarks, Carrie Lam said that she still has three weeks to complete the five-year term of the Chief Executive. Looking back on the past five years, it can be said to be "turbulent waves". Hong Kong has faced unprecedented severe challenges. On the anniversary, Hong Kong is standing at a new starting point to return to the original aspiration and correct track of "One Country, Two Systems". Everyone is full of expectations for the future of Hong Kong.

  She talked about the relationship between the executive and the legislature, how "patriots ruling Hong Kong" can promote good governance in Hong Kong, and the future of Hong Kong.

She pointed out that the HKSAR pursues an executive-led system with the Chief Executive as the core, and is directly accountable to the Central People's Government.

To thoroughly improve the relationship between the executive and the legislature, it is necessary to ensure that "patriots rule Hong Kong".

In the past two years, the central government has acted decisively, and the SAR has fully cooperated with the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong and the improvement of the electoral system, opening a new chapter of good governance and good governance for Hong Kong.

  She believes that with the consensus on the "one country" principle, it is no longer a big problem to properly handle the relationship between the executive and the legislative, and to ensure that the SAR government is governed by law, smoothly and efficiently.

It has emerged that the Legislative Council composed of patriots can help to enhance the effectiveness of the SAR's governance. Facts have also proved that if "patriots ruling Hong Kong" have not been ensured, many tasks cannot be implemented.

  Carrie Lam said that with the above guarantees and confidence, Hong Kong is more confident that it can make good use of its unique advantages and better integrate into the overall national development.

In the past five years, the most exciting and comforting thing for her has been the development of innovation, technology, culture and arts in Hong Kong. She also announced that the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Palace Museum will be held on June 22.

  Afterwards, Carrie Lam answered questions from the members present, covering various aspects such as the new crown epidemic and "customs clearance", housing issues, economic development, and the construction of the civil service. In their speeches, many members expressed their opinions on the work done by Carrie Lam and the current SAR government. Respect and affirmation.

  When answering relevant questions, Carrie Lam pointed out that the key to solving social problems is communication, mutual understanding and accommodation.