An ex-postman from Spain was not doing his job very well.

More than 20,000 undelivered letters were found at his former home by the police, reports

El País


The letters were stored in trash bags hidden in the basement of his home in Biar, a few miles north of Alicante.

The discovery was made by craftsmen who had to intervene at the request of the new owners of the house.

The police were able to quickly identify the person responsible for this storage.

He is in his sixties who worked for two years (in 2012 and 2013) for Correos, the equivalent of La Poste in Spain.

He only delivered parcels

The man had his own way of doing his rounds.

He collected the mail that he had to distribute to the sorting center but he only delivered the parcels, leaving aside the letters, reports

El País


This allowed him to shorten his days.

In 2013, Correos terminated its employee's contract after detecting irregularities.

It was about regular mileage overruns.

The Guardia Civil was able to arrest the culprit last week.

He is accused of "receiving documents".

The letters will be kept by the judicial authorities and will be delivered later to their recipients, more than a decade after being posted.

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