The Democratic Party has proposed an additional amendment to the law to prevent protests in front of the residence of former President Moon Jae-in.

Rep. Park Gwang-on, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, proposed a bill to amend the Assembly and Demonstration Act, which added a provision banning so-called hate speech.

The amendment prohibits the organizers of the assembly or the participants in order to prevent acts that directly endanger the safety of the people by repeatedly inciting hatred and hatred towards specific objects and groups, or inciting violent acts.

In addition, the repeated playback of sounds, images, and images that cause fear or anxiety is also included in the ban.

The amendment also added cases where there is a risk of significantly impairing the tranquility of private life due to noise and vibration, insults that seriously infringe on the moral rights of others, etc.

Previously, the Democratic Party proposed an amendment to the Gypsy Act that prohibits acts that cause physical damage by generating noise that can cause physical or mental impairment such as hearing with malicious expressions, and adding the residence of the former president to places where assemblies and demonstrations are prohibited. .