"Black Prison" indiscriminate torture, the United States deliberately tramples the rule of law and tramples on human rights (bells)

——The United States should deeply review its own human rights deficit⑧

  "People's Daily" (Page 03 on June 7, 2022)

  The U.S. has left a trail of human rights violations, both at home and abroad.

American-style democracy cannot protect the human rights of the American people, and the obsession of American-style hegemony makes the United States a negative example of trampling on human rights.

  According to a recent report by The New York Times, former CIA director Gina Haspel “observed the 'intensified interrogation' process of torture of criminal suspects, including the use of waterboarding,” in US prisons overseas.

The report said other "coercive methods" were used in prisons to torture suspects.

The report caused a public outcry, and the evil deeds of the US "black prison" once again attracted widespread criticism from the international community.

In recent years, the media has continuously exposed the scandals of the "black prisons" in the United States overseas. The United States has been arbitrarily detaining and indiscriminately tortured in overseas "black prisons" for a long time, which has become a typical example of the United States deliberately undermining the rule of law and trampling on human rights.

  The United States has set up "black prisons" in many countries under the guise of "anti-terrorism".

The research report on "The Cost of War" of Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs pointed out that after the "9.11" incident, the US overseas "black prison" network involved at least 54 countries and regions, including Muslims, women and minors. Hundreds of thousands of people, including people.

Among them, when the United States created Guantanamo Prison in 2002, a total of about 780 people were detained, many of whom have never been criminally prosecuted, and more than 30 people are still detained in the prison.

A British human rights organization has exposed a "prison at sea" composed of 17 US warships, known as "floating Guantanamo".

These ships use the complexities of applying the law in the maritime area to evade culpability, detaining criminal suspects without trial for long periods of time.

Rizvi, a policy analyst at the Center for Victims of Torture in the United States, said the establishment of "black prisons" overseas underscored the "willful abandonment of the rule of law and human rights" by the United States.

  The "black prison" method in the United States is extremely cruel and outrageous.

According to media reports, in the notorious Guantanamo Prison, Bagram Prison in Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq and other places, the United States used various "enhanced interrogation methods" such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and personal humiliation, and even suspected criminals. Human beings are used by the CIA as a "teaching tool" for interns to practice inhumane torture including "hitting the wall" and "splashing ice water", causing the detainees to suffer devastating physical and mental harm.

The independent panel of experts on human rights appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a statement in January this year, stating that for 20 years, the United States has arbitrarily detained people in Guantanamo Prison without trial, and subjected people to torture or ill-treatment, which violates international human rights law. The government's taint on its commitment to the rule of law" and the U.S. approach "is totally unacceptable."

The panel urged the U.S. to close Guantanamo Prison, end "an ugly page of wanton human rights violations," while reparating and holding accountable those who were tortured and arbitrarily detained in accordance with international law.

  However, the United States has turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the international community.

In the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, apart from the military trial and conviction of the low-level U.S. soldiers involved, other senior U.S. military and government officials and private military contractors involved were exempted from trial; the U.S. deliberately destroyed 92 disks containing The videotape of direct evidence of torture in Guantanamo Prison, the U.S. Department of Justice still refuses to bring charges against the persons involved; in the secret prison of Bagram, Afghanistan, the suspect was tortured to death, and the staff not only did not receive any punishment, but Getting promotions and bonuses... What the US has done is a great satire of its self-proclaimed "human rights defender".

  For a long time, the US overseas "black prison" not only cannot be closed, but also refuses to be investigated. In the final analysis, it has the umbrella of the US government.

U.S. officials have always tried their best to cover up and deny the "black prison" scandal on the grounds of confidentiality.

According to US media reports, a "torture report" disclosed by the US Senate Intelligence Committee in 2014 was extensively edited.

The United States also did everything possible to obstruct international investigations.

When the ICC insisted on investigating possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by U.S. military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, the U.S. government blatantly imposed economic sanctions and entry restrictions on a number of officials, including the chief prosecutor of the ICC.

The United States is accustomed to using lies as an excuse to point fingers at other countries' human rights under the guise of human rights. However, the United States is disgusted with fact-based investigations carried out by international agencies in its own country.

  The U.S. has left a trail of human rights violations, both at home and abroad.

American-style democracy cannot protect the human rights of the American people, and the obsession of American-style hegemony makes the United States a negative example of human rights abuses in the world.

On the issue of human rights, what the United States needs to do is to correct its own mind, think about its own faults, change its actions, and strive to eliminate its own human rights debt, rather than politicizing human rights issues and interfering in other countries' internal affairs under the pretext of human rights. Apart from exposing the hypocrisy of American-style human rights, this practice does nothing to improve the human rights situation and international image of the United States.

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