The 44-year-old manager of the bakery was injured in the foot during the assault by the police.

He was hospitalized in Tours.

The health of the 40-year-old has been deemed incompatible with police custody when he must undergo surgery, Dulin said on Tuesday evening.

Still according to the prosecution, the main victim, a 33-year-old woman, employee of the bakery, "had an emotional relationship with the manager".

The young woman entered the store on Tuesday morning before the mall opened.

When she arrived at her boss's office, he threatened her “armed with a loaded 12-gauge shotgun”.

The intervention of another employee allowed the two women to lock the manager in the room before notifying the police, said the magistrate.

An investigation for “attempted intentional homicide on a spouse” has been opened, Dulin said.

Psychiatric disorders

The suspect had already been convicted of domestic violence against his ex-wife in 2021. He had appealed.

He was also the subject of a worrying disappearance procedure since May 16, the prosecution said, adding that he “suffered from psychiatric disorders” and had already made several suicide attempts.

Police officers from the Tours police station and then those from the Raid attempted fruitless negotiations before the attack was decided.

The Raid then blew up the office door before neutralizing the madman with a stun grenade.

About fifty civil servants were mobilized, according to the prosecution.

The mall, which was not yet open when law enforcement arrived, remained closed to the public all day.

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