Most people don't remember bags until they've planned a trip that calls for their use.

The bags spend most of the time inside the closet or in some corner of the house, and after a few months the bags acquire an unpleasant smell and this problem is discovered only a few days before travel.

So something must be done because if you put your clothes in bags with a musty smell, they will absorb it too, as writer Maria Margarita says, in a report published by the Spanish magazine "mejorconsalud", that - fortunately - there are some easy tricks to solve this The problem is, using baking soda, vinegar and even some type of sand are just some of the materials with which you can get rid of the bad smell of your suitcases.

Once you have the idea of ​​a vacation, you should immediately fan out your bags.

Empty it and put it in a well-ventilated place (Getty Images)

Ventilation..the old reliable technology

If you do not want the unpleasant smell of the bag to surprise you a few days before departure or during the flight, as soon as the idea of ​​going on vacation comes to your mind, you should immediately ventilate your bags;

Empty the bag, open the pockets, and put them in a well-ventilated place. Leave it there for a while and notice how the bad smell begins to disappear. He suggests doing this trick for at least 30 minutes.


Try to make sure that the place you choose to ventilate is cool and that the bag is in the shade because exposure to sunlight can change the color of the interior of the bag.

Cleaning with a mixture of baking soda and water using a rag is a good trick to get rid of a bad bag smell (Getty Images)

baking soda trick

If the foul odor persists after aerating the bags;

They should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with neutral soapy water (no odor) and some baking soda.

Put in a bowl a mixture of soap, baking soda and water, stir the cloth, dampen it, then squeeze it well and run it all over the inside of the bag.

When you're done, make sure to put the bag in a place where it's not exposed to direct sunlight but is well ventilated, wait for the bag's fabric to dry completely and start putting on the clothes.

Resorting to aromatic plants - such as lavender and mint, among other dry aromatic herbs - is enough to perfume the bag (Getty Images)

Aromatic sachets.. A refreshment your bag needs

after ventilation and cleaning;

You can't close the bag and stash it again, the stench will come back if you do so, therefore, one way to keep the bag odor free is to use a sachet.

Although you can buy these bags, you can also make them yourself using the products you have at home;

Where you can use a cloth bag and add some rice or chalk or charcoal or baking soda, then put it inside the bag and that's it.

In addition, you can resort to aromatic plants so that the next time you open your bag you will have a pleasant surprise instead of a tragic one;

Like lavender and mint, among the dry aromatic herbs.

Vinegar with water is a good solution

Vinegar is known to help remove bad odors and is usually very effective in removing moisture;

Where you will mix an amount of vinegar and water inside the sprayer.

The exact mixture is 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar.

And when you're done, remember to put the bag outdoors and wait for it to dry.

If you don't have vinegar at home, you can make the mixture with lemon juice.

White vinegar helps remove bad odors and is usually very effective in removing moisture (Shutterstock)

White bread and vinegar are an unexpected combination

Find a bowl that is tall enough to hold a few pieces of bread, but not too big to prevent the bag from closing. Put the pieces of bread in the bowl and pour the vinegar until they are wet.

right Now;

What you have to do is leave the container inside, close the bag, and wait about a day for the bag smell to get rid of.

Cat litter absorbs bad odors

The cat litter sand is a miracle in absorbing bad odors, so if you have a bag that smells bad, put this type of sand in it and then close it and leave it for a week, then open the bag and make sure the smell is gone and get rid of the sand and you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove any trace sand, and finally spray the bag with water and vinegar.

Putting newspaper balls in the bag for two weeks absorbs bad odors (Getty Images)

Newspaper balls for good results

Did you know that newspapers absorb unpleasant odors?


This trick usually takes a little longer to become effective;

The process takes about two weeks.


Make newspaper balls, fill the bag with it, close it, and wait, then replace the newspapers with new ones every week.