In eastern Ukraine, the Russian army continued to intensify its offensive, while the Ukrainian side continued to resist, and the Ukrainian Army General Staff announced that it had repelled the Russian army seven times in the past 24 hours, and both sides fought fiercely. I am.

The Russian army, which is intensifying its offensive to eastern Ukraine, is also bombarding Lysychans'k, which is located on the opposite bank across the Siverskyi Donets from Severodonetsk. You can see how the government building was destroyed.

A Ukrainian police officer who visited the site said, "During the night, the center of the city was bombarded and housing and social infrastructure were damaged."

Meanwhile, in Severodonetsk, eastern Luhansk Oblast, where fierce battles continue, the Ukrainian side, which was once thought to be inferior, pushed back Russian troops, and Governor Guydai posted on SNS on the 5th that he "regained half of the city."

Ukrainian troops appear to be trying to defend Severodonetsk and launch a reversal offensive in other parts of the east.

The Ukrainian Army General Staff announced on SNS on the morning of the 6th that it had repelled enemy attacks seven times in the last 24 hours in the direction of Donetsk Luhansk, destroying Russian tanks and shooting down attack helicopters. ..

The U.S. think tank, War Institute, said on the 5th, "While the Russian army is concentrating its troops on Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian army has succeeded in counterattacking in other areas."

Nuclear Power Plant “Russian missiles fly over the nuclear power plant at low altitude”

Energoatom, the Ukrainian nuclear power company, said in a post on the SNS telegram on the 5th that Russian cruise missiles "flyed at extremely low altitudes" over the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant in Mikolaiu, southern Ukraine. ..

Energoatom released a video released by Energoatom at 5:30 am local time on the 5th, saying that it was captured by a surveillance camera at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, showing a slender object that seems to be a missile flying at low altitude over the nuclear power plant. In the picture, Energoatom indicates that it may be a missile launched toward the capital Kieu.

"Russia continues to threaten the safety of Ukraine's nuclear power plants. Even small pieces of missiles do not understand that even small pieces of missiles can cause a nuclear disaster," Energoatom accused.