China News Service, June 6th, according to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in order to strengthen the personal governance of minors and protect the physical and mental health of minors, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Internet Information Office, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Commerce, the Health and Health Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the All-China Women's Federation reached an agreement that on June 6, 2022, the Office of the Leading Group for the Protection of Minors under the State Council issued the The Work Measures for the Administration of Adult Tattoos (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), put forward a series of work measures to strengthen the administration of minors' tattoos.

  The "Measures" pointed out that the state, society, schools and families should educate and help minors to establish and practice socialist core values, fully understand the harm that tattoos may cause, enhance their awareness and ability to protect themselves, and rationally refuse tattoos.

If the parents or other guardians of minors have tattoo motives and behaviors against minors, they should be promptly discouraged, and minors should not be allowed to get tattoos.

  The "Measures" stipulate that no enterprise, organization or individual shall provide tattoo services to minors, and shall not coerce, induce or instigate minors to tattoo.

Professional tattoo institutions and medical and health institutions (including medical beauty institutions), beauty salons, and social organizations that provide tattoo services should clearly indicate that they do not provide tattoo services to minors. It shows ID.

  The "Measures" make it clear that the principle of "whoever approves, whoever supervises, whoever is in charge, whoever supervises" must be strictly implemented.

The health department shall not approve and approve medical and health institutions (including medical beauty institutions) to carry out minors' tattoo services; for minors who have previously tattooed and are willing to "remove tattoos", they must provide standardized medical and beauty services.

When the market supervision department handles the registration of market entities, it must clearly mark "except for minors" after the relevant business scope on the business license of the market entity engaged in tattoo service activities.

Commerce departments should cooperate with relevant departments and guide industry associations to urge beauty operators not to provide tattoo services to minors.

Civil affairs departments shall strengthen the registration management of social organizations, and shall not approve social organizations to provide minors personal services.

  The "Measures" require that the people's courts, people's procuratorates, education, public security, judicial administration, Communist Youth League organizations, women's federations and other departments should perform their departmental responsibilities, support and cooperate with minors' personal governance; The publicity and public opinion supervision of minors' physical harm should be strengthened; the leading groups (committees) for the protection of minors at all levels should do a good job of overall planning, coordination, supervision and guidance.

  The "Measures" stipulate that no enterprise, organization or individual shall publish, broadcast, post or distribute advertisements containing content that induces minors to become tattooed and endanger the physical and mental health of minors; and shall not broadcast, post or distribute tattoo commercial advertisements in schools and kindergartens.

Books, newspapers, electronic publications, etc. shall not contain any content that induces minors' personalities.

  The "Measures" require that any enterprise, organization or individual who discovers that it provides tattoo services to minors can report to the departments of civil affairs, commerce, health, market supervision, etc., and the relevant departments that receive the report shall accept and deal with them in a timely manner.

  The "Measures" clarify that if tattoo service providers violate the regulations to provide tattoo services to minors, the relevant departments shall deal with them in accordance with relevant regulations; other market entities that provide tattoo services to minors without obtaining business licenses in accordance with the law shall be subject to the Investigate and punish individuals who violate the regulations and provide tattoo services to minors without authorization, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

  The "Measures" emphasize that strengthening the physical governance of minors is a systematic project that requires the joint efforts of families, schools, society, the Internet, the government, and the judiciary to strengthen unified deployment, strengthen source prevention and control, implement departmental responsibilities, and promote Social coordination, jointly promote the implementation of minors' personal governance work, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors.