China News Service, Beijing, June 6 Electric eye health has always been the focus of attention for people of all ages. Going to school is inseparable from textbooks, going to work is inseparable from computers, and going to get off work is inseparable from mobile phones. Many people have been short-sighted when they were students.

Can myopia surgery be done?

Are eye exercises useful?

  June 6th is the 27th National "Eye Love Day". China News Network "Medical Temperature" launched the "Eye Love Day" special topic, and invited the director and chief physician of the Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology, and the head of the National Blindness Prevention Office. Professor Jin Zibing and He Mingguang, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Melbourne, authoritatively answer your confusion about eyes.

How to wear glasses correctly?

Is myopia surgery "once and for all"?

  When it comes to the national "Eye Love Day", many people's first reaction is the problem of myopia.

Nowadays, wearing glasses has become a common phenomenon.

  Some people think that it is more comfortable to wear glasses with lower prescriptions.

In this regard, Jin Zibing introduced that when wearing glasses, it is very important whether the degree of the lens is appropriate. In the case of undercorrection or overcorrection, the imaging of the retina is still unclear, and in the long run, it will promote the occurrence and development of myopia.

  He Mingguang also said that the fundamental purpose of wearing myopia glasses is to improve distance blurring and obtain better distance vision. Only moderate glasses have the best visual effect, and transition correction should be avoided.

  Nowadays, many people consider myopia surgery for aesthetic reasons and say goodbye to glasses.

Jin Zibing said that for refractive surgery, the first thing to do is to meet the indications for the surgery, such as the age of 18 years and above, the refractive power of myopia should remain stable, and there should be no obvious inflammation on the ocular surface. To make a personal choice of surgery.

  He Mingguang introduced that laser surgery for myopia has been done for 30 years, and it is a very safe surgery in itself.

However, some parents think that laser surgery is "once and for all" and does not need to control myopia, which is actually a misunderstanding.

  Experts say that the essence of myopia is that the axial length of the eye is elongated and the eyes become longer.

Laser surgery only changes the cornea, but does not change the fact that the eye axis is elongated.

"Laser surgery can not solve the problem of eye lengthening, it can only solve the problem of not wearing glasses, so myopia still needs to be controlled and prevented, and it should not become high myopia." He Mingguang said.

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Eye diseases are gradually increasing, how to protect the vision of the elderly?

  At present, with the aging of our country's population, some elderly people do not pay attention to eye care, resulting in an increase in the prevalence of eye diseases.

  Cataract is an "aging" phenomenon of the eye, and it is also an eye disease familiar to middle-aged and elderly people, but many people are not very clear about the treatment of cataract.

  Jin Zibing said that cataract surgery is a very mature surgery.

According to the current guidelines for cataract treatment and the overall situation, the indications for cataract surgery are not only for the grading of visual acuity or lens opacity, but also according to whether the decline in visual function can meet the needs of the patient's work and life as the main indication .

  Generally speaking, cataract surgery can improve and improve visual function, and it is not necessary to wait until "mature" to do it.

  In addition, the eye health of people with chronic diseases is also one of the focuses of many people.

Jin Zibing said that the incidence of diabetes is very high in my country, and diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes, which is very harmful to the eyes and may eventually lead to blindness.

  He Mingguang said that diabetic retinopathy is also called Tangwang, and the common people sometimes call diabetes "upper eyes".

Diabetic retinopathy has no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and it is too late when microvascular tumors or retinal hemorrhages cause vision loss, and the treatment effect is often not good.

  Experts suggest that after the diagnosis of diabetes, the fundus should be checked first, and the fundus should be checked at least once a year. For example, patients with type 1 diabetes should do it once a year, and patients with type 2 diabetes should do it every one or two years.

  Patients with diabetes for more than five years need to increase the frequency of examinations. If the patient feels that there are symptoms such as shadows fluttering and objects in front of his eyes, he should go to the hospital immediately.

  Once diabetic retinopathy is diagnosed, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor to carry out related treatment, including eye laser, drugs, surgery and other treatments. It is very important to control blood sugar and blood pressure.

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There are more and more "small glasses", is it useful to do eye exercises?

  Many parents are very concerned about the vision health of their children. The National Health and Health Commission previously introduced that the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country in 2020 is 52.7%, and the problem of myopia among children in my country at a younger age is still prominent.

  He Mingguang said that myopia is actually preventable. For young people, increasing outdoor activity time is a very effective way to prevent myopia.

Adding 40 minutes to 2 hours of outdoor exercise every day can reduce or delay the onset of myopia.

  Regarding the anti-blue light glasses favored by many parents, Jin Zibing introduced that there is currently no very clear indication that blue light is the main cause of myopia, and not all blue light is harmful to the human body.

  Experts said that qualified anti-blue light glasses can indeed filter out the wavelength of blue light. For adults or children and adolescents who need to use electronic products for a long time at work, qualified anti-blue light glasses can be selected according to their own conditions.

  "The qualifications here include the proportion of blue light filtered, the wavelength band that blocks blue light, standard optical parameters, etc. For children and adolescents in the growth and development period, it is not recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses directly, and the use time of electronic products should be controlled. , do more outdoor activities." Jin Zibing said.

  In addition, the question of whether eye exercises are effective in protecting eyesight.

In He Mingguang's view, eye exercises are necessary, and eye exercises can really relieve children's visual fatigue by doing eye exercises during recess.

Some preliminary clinical trials have also proved that eye exercises can not completely control myopia, but can relieve vision.

  In addition, in the use of eye drops, Jin Zibing said that dry eyes and astringent eyes are a very common symptom, especially in the white-collar office group, which is a high incidence.

  Experts said that if the eyes are dry, go to a regular hospital to determine whether they meet the characteristics of dry eyes. For ordinary dry eyes, some artificial tears or lubricating drugs can be used.

"Don't buy some online red eye drops by yourself, the result may be counterproductive." (End)