Fears are increasing day after day among the residents of the marshes in southern Iraq, specifically in Al-Chbayish in Dhi Qar Governorate, due to the decrease in the water levels, which are life-giving, and for fear of the increasing salinity of the water, which causes the killing of fish and buffaloes.

The water levels in Al-Jabeish have recently declined significantly due to the decrease in rainfall, and the lack of water flow from the rivers due to the construction of dams by neighboring countries. The level will also decline frighteningly with the advent of the summer and the rise in temperature to 52 degrees Celsius.

A general view shows the low water level in Chabayish (Reuters)

The drop in water levels negatively affected the overall life in the marshlands, which caused great concern to the population, among whom migration increased.

Dry land that was covered with water in the Chabayish marshes in Dhi Qar (Reuters)

The marshlands (southern Iraq) were included on the World Heritage List about 6 years ago, when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted unanimously to include the marshes on the World Heritage List.

An aerial photo of the Chabayish marshes showing the extent of the low water level in them (Reuters)

And not only the water pollution, but also the high temperature in the summer increases the low water level, which makes it highly vulnerable to all kinds of diseases dangerous to the neighborhoods in the region.

A general view shows the low water level in Chabayish (Reuters)

As the water level drops, the water quality in this area becomes salty, unhealthy and unfit for animal life.

A man looks at dry land that was covered with water in the Chabayish marshes (Reuters)

Summer temperatures are increasing in Iraq, as records have been recorded at least 52 degrees Celsius in the past two years.

A general view shows the low water level in Chabayish (Reuters)

Iraq revolves in a recurring cycle of water crises due to climate change, pollution and the construction of dams on rivers by neighboring countries.

A girl tends to buffaloes on dry land in the Chabayish marshes (Reuters)

Iraq is the fifth country in the world at risk of a climate crisis, according to the United Nations.

A picture taken two years ago of a fisherman in the marshes (Reuters)

Al-Jbayish is one of the districts of Dhi Qar Governorate, located east of the city of Nasiriyah, northwest of Basra governorate. Al-Jbayish center is located on the Hammar Marsh near the Euphrates River. The district’s population is about 150 thousand people, according to 2015 estimates.

A picture taken two years ago of a boat plying the waters in the marshes (Reuters)

The inhabitants of Chabayish depend for the greater part of their livelihood on aquatic fishing, collecting reeds and weaving the mats called "Al-Bawari" and exporting them to all parts of the country, including the Gulf and Iran.

A man driving a boat in a river in the marshes (Reuters)