Shenzhou 14

Aiming to launch at 10:44 tomorrow

Chen Dong, Liu Yang, Cai Xuzhe

3 astronauts are about to set off

Orbit construction phase of Chinese space station

The first manned launch mission is about to start

The Journey to Space

The starting point is in the northwest desert of our country——

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Also known as "Dongfeng Aerospace City"

over 60 years

Generations of "Dongfeng people" passed on from generation to generation

Breeding the spirit of "two bombs and one star"

The spirit of manned spaceflight

Today, the young generation of "Dongfeng people"

On the journey of chasing the dream of space

radiate youthful brilliance


CCTV Military Joint Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center TV Station

Launched a special program "Fly to Space"

Exploring the road to the universe

The spiritual code of Chinese astronauts

Being with the sandstorm and being lonely

They guard the "space arteries"

On the way to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

There is the only military-controlled railway in the whole army

The railway is 270 kilometers long

It used to be the only lifeline for the center to communicate with the outside world

Therefore, it is also known as "the ladder to the universe",

"Aerial Space"

Railway crossing the Badain Jaran Desert

through rivers and bridges

Many curves, small radius, large slope

It is also very rare on national railway lines

Often plagued by water damage, sand damage, alkali damage, freezing damage and wind damage

It is extremely difficult to build and maintain this railway

Year 1999

3 days before the arrival of a special transport train, there was a sudden rainstorm

Floods destroy 2km of railway line

to repair the railway

Soldiers working around the clock

I can't even eat

Zhao Xianke, then director of the Railway Management Office

Had to give a death order:

"Don't eat! I punish you"

The final railway is 4 hours before the arrival of the special train

The officers and soldiers completed the repair

Remember that scene

Zhao Xianke has tears in his eyes

"After the train

The soldiers fell asleep next to each other

I said, don't disturb anyone

give them a good night's sleep"

August 18, 1999

my country's first unmanned test spacecraft

Shenzhou-1 passed here

When the special express train travels to 67 kilometers

Railroad tracks buried by sandstorm

The special train had to move forward while clearing the sand

It took more than an hour to pass through the sand damage area

November 20

Shenzhou-1 successfully lifted off

The Guards on the Road to Heaven

With the sandstorm, with loneliness

They rarely see the magnificence of a rocket taking off

Rarely heard the roar of flames shaking the earth

But in various transportation support tasks

But it is written with loyalty and perseverance

In order to ensure the smooth launch of Shenzhou-2

282 Veterans Collective Petition

New Year's Eve 2001

Annual demobilization of veterans draws to a close

But at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

282 veterans at launch test site

but did not start

It turns out that the Shenzhou-2 mission is imminent

for the task to succeed

Executed the Shenzhou-1 mission

with test experience

All Veterans at Launch Test Station

Collective petition to stay in the team to carry out the task

defer discharge

Means losing the best job opportunity

But in the hearts of veterans

Shenzhou-2 mission is a national project

in the face of national and personal interests

They chose the former without hesitation

in the last days of the team

They have higher standards and stricter requirements

training and preparations

January 10, 2001

All technicians at the launch site

escorted by veterans

Shenzhou II

rise from the desert

Mission successful

Veterans carry mission pride and pride

back to friends and relatives

It's been a while since they originally returned home.

more than 70 days late

Complete the "God One" to "God Ten" measurement and control tasks

He couldn't see his father for the last time

"Shenzhou" is launching

In the No. 92 measurement and control area, 10 kilometers away from the launch site

responsible for tracking measurement tasks

The whole process of the waiting section, the rising section, the running section and the returning section

It is the first bar of manned spaceflight measurement and control

In the measurement and control area, this is called the USB device, whether it is normal or not

Determines whether the spacecraft can take off on time

Li Naizhong

Former Team Leader of USB Team of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Participated in the debugging of the USB device from the installation

The whole process from completion to use

Working for nearly 20 years

He successfully completed Shenzhou-1 to Shenzhou-10

Previous spacecraft launch monitoring and control missions

October 15, 2003

Yang Liwei soars to the sky

at this exciting moment

Li Naizhong is nervously following the return capsule

in this mission

The scheme designed by Li Naizhong has been tested

Guarantee the safety of astronauts


This scheme is applied to all USB device systems

It is also the outstanding performance of this task

Make him a first-class person

Year 2008

Before the Shenzhou VII mission

A new set of measurement and control equipment has been installed in the center

Commissioning work that would have taken half a year to complete

Less than 3 months this time

Li Naizhong led everyone to debug the new equipment day and night

But just 10 days before the mission launch

He suddenly received a call from his hometown

Father in his 80s critically ill from fall

One side is the looming launch mission

On one side is his father who is looking forward to seeing him one last time

In the end, Li Naizhong still chose the task

Mission completed successfully

father is gone


for desert astronauts

Nothing is more important than getting the job done

And Li Naizhong also practices with action

The oath of "mission first"!

Especially able to endure hardship, especially able to fight

Especially able to tackle key problems, especially able to contribute

Along the way

The spirit of manned spaceflight has long been integrated

in the blood of astronauts

Every day trip

have become the common memory of a country

The sea of ​​stars, the journey is boundless

The vast universe is in sight

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