China News Agency, Beijing, June 5th: "Dragon Horse Spirit" went to Jiutian "God Fourteen" astronauts to start the construction of China's space station

  Author Ma Shuisha

  On June 5, the astronaut crew of Shenzhou 14 took the spacecraft to space to build the Tiangong space station.

This is the first manned mission during the construction phase of the Chinese space station.

So far, China has sent 14 astronauts and 23 person-times into space.

  This mission is Chen Dong's first crew commander, Liu Yang flying again, and Cai Xuzhe's first exploration of the sky. Among them, Chen Dong and Liu Yang belong to the horse, Cai Xuzhe belongs to the dragon, and the three are called "Dragon Horse Spirit" by many netizens who love spaceflight. Crew.

They also appeared in this appearance at the astronaut expedition ceremony held that morning.

  At 7:54, Chen Dong, Liu Yang, and Cai Xuzhe, dressed in milky white space suits, walked out in turn from the south gate of Wentian Pavilion of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

These three "post-75" astronauts of the same age have been together for 12 years since they entered the astronaut brigade in the same batch in 2010, and were selected into the "God 14" flight crew in 2019. They have been together for 12 years, from personality to business. In all aspects, they already know each other very well. As Chen Dong said, "We should spend more time working, training, and living together than our family."

  This familiarity and tacit understanding emerged from the details before departure.

After Wentian Pavilion arrived at the launch tower in a special car, the three astronauts gave thumbs up and shouted "see you in Beijing"; when the rocket launch entered the three-second countdown, they all gave military salutes in unison.

  During the launch, the three astronauts silently waited for the moment when the fairing was detached.

When the sun shone through the porthole, Chen Dong and Liu Yang, who had experience in flying, smiled knowingly, while Cai Xuzhe looked out the window.

  From the separation of the ship and the rocket to the arrival of the space station, the astronauts have to go through a journey of several hours.

After arriving at the space station, they will officially start their 6-month in-orbit life.

During the in-orbit period, the three astronauts of Shenzhou 14 will welcome the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in space for the first time. The ground researchers have prepared moon cakes and holiday decoration items for them around the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion.

In addition, according to Huang Weifen, chief designer of China's manned space engineering astronaut system, "Shen 14" astronauts can also eat green tea in space.

  Different from the previous two manned missions, the Shenzhou 14 astronaut crew will welcome the Wentian experimental module and the Mengtian experimental module in orbit, complete the assembly and construction of the space station, and will also have a "face-to-face" with the Shenzhou 15 crew. "The handover, the various tasks are heavy, and it can be called "the busiest space travel trio".

  Talking about how to adjust his spare time after busy work, Cai Xuzhe brought personal items such as TV series, music, e-books and plant seeds in Feitian's "bag".

"It feels more warm to grow a little green plant. I brought lettuce seeds. I also planted it on the ground and placed it in front of the window. (In the space station) If it grows fast, can it be longer than two or three crops? After all, 180 days, a little A drop grows with me." Cai Xuzhe said.

  "Business trip" for half a year, with expectations and reluctance.

Liu Yang wrote "The brightest coordinate is the motherland" on the casual clothes he brought to the space station; Chen Dong posted on social media, "I haven't left, but I have started to miss, miss the motherland, miss you", the picture is of him The beauty of space captured during the Shenzhou 11 mission.

  "More Pat the Earth" is a joint plan of the three astronauts.

Chen Dong said, "Whether it is day or night, there will be many people looking up at the sky, maybe I just passed your sky at this time, although we are far apart, there is no way to embrace each other, but I think this It's a kind of meeting."

  People also expect that the Shenzhou 14 astronauts will meet in Beijing after the completion of the construction of the "space home".