" Exploring

the vast universe, developing the aerospace industry, and building a strong aerospace country are our unremitting pursuit of aerospace dreams."

  Standing at the new height of China's aerospace industry, and looking back on the extraordinary journey that Chinese astronauts have gone through over the years, we can't help but sigh that it is a spirit that lifts the dignity and pride of the Chinese nation again and again.

  After several generations of astronauts' continuous struggle, China's aerospace industry has accumulated a profound and broad aerospace spirit: the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite", the spirit of lunar exploration, the spirit of Beidou in the new era, the spirit of manned spaceflight, the spirit of space measurement and control... On occasions, General Secretary Xi Jinping frequently mentioned these spirits and praised the Chinese astronauts.

  CCTV's "Painting Learning" specially extracts the general secretary's comments on these aerospace spirits, and learns and comprehends them together with you.

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