China News Agency, Moscow, June 3 (Reporter Tian Bing) Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Russian TV media on the 3rd that the West tried to pass the responsibility for the problems in the world food market to Russia, and Russia did not hinder Ukraine's grain exports. .

He warned that imposing new sanctions on Russia would only make things worse.

  Putin said that the unfavorable situation in the world food market did not happen overnight.

As early as February 2020, in the process of responding to the new crown epidemic, the world economy has already declined.

The wrong fiscal and financial policies of the United States have exacerbated the deterioration of the world food market.

The short-sighted policies of European countries, especially the European Union, in the energy sector have led to insufficient investment in the energy sector, which has contributed to price increases.

The European gas policy towards Russia led to an increase in the price of natural gas, and the price of fertilizers, because some fertilizers were produced at the expense of natural gas consumption.

These factors have led to a sharp decline in the quantity of fertilizers on the world market and a surge in prices.

When Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, the United States and Europe began to impose sanctions on Russia, which further aggravated the deterioration of the situation in the world's food and fertilizer fields.

He also warned that imposing new sanctions on Russia would only make the situation worse.

  Putin said that Russia has not prevented Ukraine from exporting grain, and Ukraine can transport grain through Black Sea ports and neighboring countries such as Belarus.

He said that there are various ways to export grain, such as exporting through the Ukrainian-controlled Odessa and surrounding ports after demining, or through the Russian-controlled Azov Sea ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol. Exports are available via the Danube and Romania, Hungary and Poland.

Exporting through Belarus is the most convenient, but first, sanctions against Belarus need to be lifted.

He emphasized that Russia is ready to guarantee the export of Ukrainian grain through ports controlled by Russia.

"We will ensure the peaceful passage of ships, the security of access to relevant ports, and the entry and exit of foreign ships and their navigation in all directions in the Azov Sea and the Black Sea."

  In addition, Putin said that in the 2021-2022 agricultural year, Russia will export 37 million tons of grain, and in the 2022-2023 agricultural year, Russia's grain exports will expand to 50 million tons.