China News Service, June 2. Song Danyang, deputy director of the Marketing and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said on the 2nd that since this year, in order to coordinate the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the stable production and supply of "vegetable basket" products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Pay close attention to the production and market situation in various places, strengthen analysis and judgment, regularly schedule production and supply information, take the initiative to strengthen coordination with relevant departments, maintain the order of agricultural production and circulation, and make every effort to ensure the production and supply of "vegetable basket" products.

  On the same day, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on coordinating epidemic prevention and control and production in key industries.

A reporter at the meeting asked: At present, the epidemic situation is still spreading in many places, which has brought challenges to the stable supply of the "vegetable basket" and the connection between production and sales. What targeted measures has the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs adopted?

What's the next step?

  In this regard, Song Danyang pointed out that the

first is to arrange the deployment in time.

Implemented the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Doing a Good Job in Spring Agricultural Production", and jointly issued the "Guidelines for Coordinating New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control and Spring Agricultural Production" in conjunction with the National Health Commission, and jointly with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, etc. 10 departments issued the "Guidelines for Coordinating the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and the Guarantee of Supply and Price Stabilization of "Vegetable Basket" Products, which refined work measures by region, link and category, clarified work requirements, and urgently dispatched and deployed production many times to ensure " "Vegetable Basket" products are produced stably and circulated smoothly.

The second is to strengthen monitoring and docking.

Monitor the prices and production and supply of fresh agricultural products in major wholesale markets in large and medium-sized cities, and release the "vegetable basket" product wholesale price 200 index.

Organize key wholesale markets to increase the supply of "vegetable basket" products in Shanghai, Jilin and other places.

Mobilize e-commerce companies to provide key guarantees to areas severely affected by the epidemic.

The third is to promote problem solving.

In conjunction with the transportation department, agricultural products and agricultural production materials will be included in the scope of key transportation materials, and the normal production and circulation of "vegetable basket" products will be maintained.

Set up a special class for the supply of agricultural materials, set up hotlines such as the supply of agricultural materials for spring ploughing, and the connection of production and sales of "vegetable basket" products, and immediately accept the problems reported by the grassroots, such as the hem of agricultural materials, farmers going into the fields, and the production and sales of "vegetable baskets".

  Song Danyang emphasized that in the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will take effective measures with relevant departments to further tighten and compact the "vegetable basket" mayor's responsibility system, and make every effort to stabilize production and supply.

One is to strengthen work guidance.

Guide all localities to implement differentiated prevention and control measures by classification and classification to ensure the orderly development of agricultural production.

Optimize the assessment content of the "vegetable basket" mayor's responsibility system, and guide large and medium-sized cities to strengthen production capacity and emergency supply capacity building.

The second is to stabilize product production.

Guide the main vegetable producing areas to rationally arrange varieties and market stubble, promote the active development of fast lettuce and sprout vegetable production around large and medium cities, and stabilize the production of livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

Strengthen the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products, increase sampling inspection and law enforcement, and effectively ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people.

The third is to unblock the transportation channels

, urge all localities to strictly implement the "green channel" policy for the transportation of fresh agricultural products, and do a good job in ensuring the transportation of key materials such as "vegetable basket" products.

Promote the establishment of stable production and marketing cooperative relations between large and medium-sized cities and major production areas, and organize wholesale markets, supermarket enterprises, e-commerce platforms and other entities to directly connect with production bases.

Fourth, strengthen monitoring and early warning.

Pay close attention to major festivals and extreme weather, pay close attention to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, strengthen production scheduling and market dynamic monitoring and early warning, guide and urge localities to formulate emergency supply guarantee plans to ensure a stable supply of "vegetable basket" products.