Yesterday (1st), a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in Ya'an, Sichuan Province, China.

According to local media such as the People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, at least four people were killed and 41 others were injured in a series of earthquakes in Lushan and Baoxing counties in Ya'an City.

12,722 people were also displaced.

Local authorities are dispatching rescue teams and public security, firefighting and medical personnel to conduct search and rescue operations.

Earlier, in Lushan County and Baoxing County, earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 4.5 occurred at 5:00 pm and 5:03 pm local time yesterday, respectively.

An aftershock with a magnitude of 3.2 occurred at 7:48 this morning in Lushan County.

Earlier, in Lushan County, in April 2013, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred, killing or missing 200 people and injuring tens of thousands.

According to the People's Daily, Sichuan Province, where Ya'an is located, has experienced 79 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.0 or greater in the past year, and two earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater have occurred.

Sichuan is the region with the most earthquakes in China.

According to seismic zone statistics in China, there have been 163 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater in Sichuan over the past 100 years, of which 8 earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.0 or greater have occurred.

In May 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck 88,000 people and injured 370,000 people.

Sichuan, located inland to the west, is located at the boundary between the Indian and Eurasian plates, and is a region of active fault activity.