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Low prices on all departments

Having a good mobile plan is important.

Paying very little for it is even better.

This is what the operator Cdiscount Mobile offers you with its many offers.

They can concern single plans, but also smartphone + plan combinations with very attractive discounts, especially on the most essential brands of mobile phones. 

Discover the Cdiscount Mobile offers

Offers not to be missed

Do you want to change plans but are unsure which operator to choose?

Look no further, subscribe to Cdiscount Mobile.

The operator has set up new offers with low prices with no time limit:

  • The 100 GB package: it remains at the price of €7.99/month for life, not just the first year or the first 24 months.

    The condition to benefit from this exclusive offer?

    Subscribe before Tuesday, June 7, 2022. You will also have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 12 GB in EU and in the DROMs;

  • The 150 GB package: here at the price of €9.99 for life as well.

    Offer deadline Tuesday, June 7, 2022 as well.

    You have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, and 13 GB in the EU and in the DROMs;

  • The 10 GB plan: at only €4.99/month, for life, until June 7, 2022. Lots of data for a very attractive price.

Not to mention the essential non-binding packages from the operator Cdiscount Mobile:

  • The 5G 130 GB plan: at €24.99/month and 17 GB of data in 4G in the EU and in the DROMs;

  • The 200 MB package: at €2/month, ideal for small budgets.

Plan + mobile offers extended until Tuesday, June 21, 2022:

  • An iPhone 8 offered: with a 100 GB package at €17.99/month;

  • An iPhone 11 at €19.99: with a 100 GB plan for €29.99/month;

  • A black iPhone XR at €9.99: with a 100 GB package for €24.99/month.

The advantages of Cdiscount Mobile

If Cdiscount is best known as an e-tailer, its offer as a mobile operator is very interesting.

In addition to the many discounts and promotional operations, the packages alone are non-binding.

You can therefore terminate the contract at any time.

If you decide to change operator to join Cdiscount Mobile, you can keep your phone number.

The Bouygues Telecom network is used, and it is recognized for its quality and good coverage.

Take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile benefits

Choose a mobile plan at a low price for life thanks to Cdiscount Mobile offers.

You can enjoy lots of data each month and very good network quality.

Cdiscount Mobile also offers smartphones on sale.

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