Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised Ukraine the delivery of a modern air defense system.

In addition, the Ukrainian armed forces will be provided with a tracking radar that can spot artillery, Scholz said on Wednesday in the Bundestag.

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) had previously sharply criticized the federal government in his speech.

He accuses Chancellor Scholz of failing to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.

He also finds it inappropriate that the President of the Ukrainian Parliament, who is expected in Berlin on Thursday, has not yet received an appointment from the Chancellor.

Another point of criticism: Scholz only said that Russia should not win this war and that Ukraine must survive, said Merz.

But why doesn't Scholz say that Ukraine must win the war and Russia must at least withdraw beyond the pre-February 24 contact line.

"Why don't you say it?" Merz asked.

"Is there a second agenda?"

More information coming soon.