China News Service, June 1. According to comprehensive Hong Kong media reports, the 46-year-old Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, parked in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, announced that it will move out of Hong Kong this month.

This is called "the world's largest restaurant at sea" and will become the collective memory of Hong Kong people.

  Jumbo Seafood's maritime licence will expire in June this year.

Due to the annual cost of inspection, repair and maintenance of an average of millions of Hong Kong dollars, coupled with the severe impact of the epidemic in Hong Kong, it is foreseeable that Jumbo Seafood Restaurant will not resume business in the short term, and there is currently no shipyard berth for Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Hong Kong After a major inspection and maintenance every three years, the parent company decided to move Jumbo Seafood Restaurant out of Hong Kong next month, while waiting for a new operator to appear.

The picture shows a screenshot of Hong Kong media reports

  Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is a "Jumbo Kingdom" with an area of ​​45,000 square feet and can accommodate more than 2,300 guests. It has six banquet halls with different characteristics and can accommodate up to 720 people for a banquet.

Its design is very distinctive. The whole ship is based on the dragon theme. The Chinese court has a strong color and is full of domineering.

The dragon chair on the boat is also a designated photo spot, and tour services such as renting dragon robes were also provided.

In the early years, many tourists went to the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant to taste the food, and they did not forget to take pictures on the dragon chair.

Data map: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

  With its magnificent decoration, Seafood Restaurant has received numerous dignitaries and business celebrities from various countries, including Queen Elizabeth II, international superstar Tom Cruise, Honor (John Wayne), Yu Brynner, Chow Yun-fat, Gong Li, etc., visited more than 30 million guests.

The picture shows a screenshot of the official website of "Jumbo Kingdom", whose home page has displayed "suspended business".

  The Seafood Fang is also the location for many films, including the classic Hong Kong films "The God of Cookery" and "Infernal Affairs 2", "Dragon Fight" starring Bruce Lee, and the "007" series of films "Iron King vs. The Golden Gun". View from the boat.

Scenes from the famous video game "Furious Wolf 2" and "Resident Evil 6" are also taken from this treasure.

Movie screenshots Image source Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily website

The Jumbo Seafood Ship appears in several games.

Image source: Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily website

  However, the fate of the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant seems to have always been tortuous. It opened in 1976 and could have operated five years earlier. However, due to a fire during the interior decoration, the Seafood Restaurant was severely burned, and even affected nearby fishing boats, resulting in 34 deaths and 42 injuries. , and it was only opened after wealthy businessmen such as Stanley Ho and Zheng Yutong raised 30 million Hong Kong dollars to rebuild.

In 1976, the old photo of Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.

Data map: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

  The seafood boat originated from the "Getang Boat" in Guangzhou, which is a boat that provides entertainment to fishermen.

As early as the 1930s, there were no restaurants or restaurants in Aberdeen. Many people on the water who immigrated to Hong Kong from Guangzhou operated "Kingtang Ships" in Aberdeen to provide wedding and banquet venues for the people on the water in Aberdeen. .

Since it was not easy for citizens to eat fresh seafood at that time, after the diners of the seafood restaurant ordered, the staff would bring the fish from the sea to cook on the spot, which became the unique advantage of the seafood restaurant.