• Marine Brenier, ex-LR and outgoing deputy, is running under the label Ensemble, of the presidential majority.

  • For Christelle d'Intorni, LR candidate, it is "a betrayal".

  • For the rest of the candidates, in particular from the Reconquest, the RN or the Nupes, these “squabbles” could benefit them on this territory which they covet.

In the 5th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes, which extends from the west of Nice to Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, ten candidates are running for the legislative elections.

Among them, outgoing MP Marine Brenier, who recently moved from Les Républicains to Horizons, the party of Edouard Philippe, "tired of the blackmail of Eric Ciotti", the president of the LR federation of the Alpes-Maritimes.

The municipal councilor of Christian Estrosi is counting on her work as an elected representative “with the citizens” and “wants to continue the work [that she has] started”, regardless of her label.

“With the scores of the presidential election, you have to know how to question yourself, the traditional parties no longer weigh.

But one can be on the right and feel in adequacy with the presidential majority ”, she assures, questioned by

20 Minutes


" A betrayal "

But for Christelle d'Intorni, it is quite simply a "betrayal".

This choice is also part of the reasons that led her to be a candidate under the Republican label in this territory.

With the support of Eric Ciotti, this lawyer, mayor of Rimplas, wishes to "embody the republican right by being faithful to [his] principles".

She adds: “The voters are tired of being betrayed, especially through behavior like that of Marine Brenier”.

The departmental councilor nevertheless affirms that her "main adversary is not the candidate of the presidential majority" quite simply "because she has no conviction" but that it is rather the "Nupes group which [l]' worry ".

The New Popular Ecological and Social Union has invested Philippe Benassaya to represent it in this constituency.

The former school teacher, who has always lived in the area, strongly believes in a union victory in these elections, and even in this bastion historically on the right.

“This territory is especially marked by a strong abstention.

With this united left, we show voters that another world is possible while the right and the far right are tearing each other apart.

We leave them to their arguments and take care of our program.


The other candidates as spectators

On the other side of the political spectrum, Cédric Vella is the youngest of the candidates in this territory.

This representative of Reconquest would have liked to proclaim an alliance.

And it is not for lack of having proposed it.

“Eric Ciotti refused while my party started at 0% and only went up.

His did the opposite.

Instead, we face a squabble between the local barons with Ciotti babies and Estrosi babies.

These squabbles, that's all the French hate and that's why they abstain.

Frank Khalifa, candidate of the National Rally, shares this opinion but for him, "all these divisions benefit [his] party".

“There is only Marine Le Pen who does not move and who remains the same.

That's why she doesn't join.

And it is also she who came out on top in this territory during the first round of the presidential election”.

Voters are called to ballot on June 12 and 19.


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