China News Agency, Dallas, June 1, Question: Qin Gang Visits the Hometown of the Cowboys of the Texas Trilingual School to Continue the U.S.-China Friendship

  China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

  "Language learning is very important for mutual understanding and trust between China and the United States. We will do our best to support the development of Chinese education in the United States, and hope that more Chinese and American students can learn and grow together, and become good partners for each other's future career development. Make your own contribution to promoting the relationship between the two countries." Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, said on May 31, local time, when he visited Garland High School in Texas.

  The high school is part of the International Leadership School District in Dallas, Texas.

Here, all students must study English, Spanish and Chinese.

At present, the school district includes 20 schools from elementary school to high school, with a total number of students exceeding 20,000.

  Mandela was quoted as saying at the welcome ceremony by the district's founder and principal, Conger, "If you can speak to someone in a language that they speak, you can influence their mind; Talk and you can change their hearts."

  Conger said students were required to learn Chinese because "China is the second largest economy in the world and it is very important".

He hoped that more Americans would speak Chinese in the future, so as to better promote exchanges between the United States and China.

"If both sides can better grasp and use each other's language, it will help deepen mutual understanding and make the world a better place."

  On the same day, many American students shared their experience of learning Chinese.

Hao Tiantian, champion of the elementary school group of the Chinese Bridge Competition in the Texas Division, shared an interesting story about practicing tongue twisters.

She said, "Learning Chinese makes me happy, and my family and friends also feel happy".

Werner, a high school student, said that learning Chinese gave him a better understanding of China. He plans to study in a university in China in the future, and hopes to become a lawyer or work in the government in the future.

  Kang told the China News Agency reporter that in addition to teaching Chinese language, the school will celebrate Chinese festivals and taste Chinese specialties, which makes the process of learning Chinese more interesting and at the same time allows students to better understand Chinese culture.

Kang said they are currently preparing to bring in a martial arts teacher who will be preparing to offer Chinese Kung Fu classes.

  On the same day, Qin Gang joined the school choir and sang the song "Jasmine Flower" in Chinese with the American students. After that, he also played the Chinese word solitaire game with the students.

  Qin Gang expressed his appreciation for the Chinese proficiency of the students at the school and paid tribute to the teachers who are committed to Chinese education.

Qin Gang said that for the long-term, healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations, and for the United States to formulate a correct China policy, the United States needs a large number of people who are proficient in Chinese and understand China.

"Young people in the United States are the successors of China-U.S. relations, and I encourage you to learn Chinese the same way young Chinese people learn English."

  Qin Gang said that language determines communication, communication determines understanding and trust, and understanding and trust determine bilateral relations.

At present, mankind is facing many common challenges. Climate change, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the ongoing impact of the new crown epidemic all require solidarity and cooperation among all countries to deal with it together. The cooperation between China and the United States is particularly important.

  On the same day, the school also prepared a "surprise" for Qin Gang.

A woman presented Qin Gang with the iconic Texas cowboy hat.

And this woman is Katie, the "cowboy girl" who presented him with a cowboy hat when Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping visited Texas in 1979.

  In an interview, Katie recalled emotionally her interaction with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping 43 years ago.

She said that when Deng Xiaoping watched a rodeo in Texas, when she was 15 years old, she was fortunate to participate in the performance and presented Deng Xiaoping with a cowboy hat. It was only after she grew up that she realized the great significance of this visit to the people of the United States and China and the world. .

  After a lapse of 43 years, when she presented a cowboy hat to Qin Gang, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Katie felt the inheritance of the friendship between the United States and China.

She said that although there are some difficulties between the United States and China, she sincerely hopes that the relations between the two countries will improve as soon as possible and return to the track of normal development.

  Regarding the importance of learning each other's language, Katie said that in 1979, she chatted with Deng Xiaoping through a translator. If she could speak Chinese, she could communicate directly with Chinese leaders. "It would be a completely different experience."

She also said that she hopes that her grandson can learn Chinese and understand China, so as to pass on this friendship between the United States and China.