Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised Ukraine the delivery of a modern air defense system.

In addition, the Ukrainian armed forces will be provided with a tracking radar that can spot artillery, Scholz said on Wednesday in the Bundestag.

He also announced that Germany would support the United States' announced delivery of multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine "according to our technical capabilities."

According to Scholz, the air defense system is Iris-T from the manufacturer Diehl.

This will deliver the most modern air defense system that Germany has.

"This will enable Ukraine to protect an entire city from Russian air raids," said Scholz.

Ukraine has long requested the delivery of anti-aircraft systems to protect itself against attacks by Russian fighter jets, helicopters, missiles or drones.

Scholz rejected the accusation from the Union ranks that Germany was not supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine.

In the general debate in the Bundestag, Scholz referred to the exchange of rings with allies in the "Marder" infantry fighting vehicle.

There is also a corresponding agreement with Greece.

In addition, Germany will deliver twelve self-propelled howitzers together with the Netherlands in the coming weeks.

The training of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany on the guns will be completed in a few days.

What other than the "martens" and the howitzers are heavy weapons, Scholz asked the opposition: "That's just gibberish that you're saying." The federal government made a "brave decision" to break with tradition, not to supply arms to war zones.

"We delivered anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank weapons a few days after the outbreak of war," said Scholz, listing other material made available to Ukraine: more than 15 million rounds of ammunition, 100,000 hand grenades, over 5,000 anti-tank mines, extensive explosives, machine guns and dozens of truckloads of other relevant items Goods, for example for drone defense.

Scholz shares against Merz

Scholz criticized opposition leader Friedrich Merz in an unusually sharp manner.

Merz will not get away with always asking questions and never taking a correct position on something, the Chancellor said on Wednesday in his response to the speech by the CDU chairman in the budget debate.

"You danced through the matter here and didn't say anything specific." And if Merz takes a position on something, then "it gets embarrassing," said Scholz.

In terms of content, the Chancellor criticized that Merz had proposed a soli, i.e. a tax increase for almost all citizens, in order to pay for the better equipment of the Bundeswehr.

"What a strange idea," said Scholz.

He also emphasized that the bad times for the Bundeswehr began with the former Union Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who slashed a lot of money.

Merz didn't mention that at all.

"Sometimes technical work is really a useful thing, Mr. Merz," said Scholz.

Accusation from Merz: Scholz does not deliver

Scholz was again cautious about Germany's foreign policy goals in the Ukraine war.

The goal of the federal government is that Russian President Vladimir Putin "does not win" the war of aggression he started against Ukraine, said Scholz.

"Our goal is for Ukraine to be able to defend itself and be successful with it," he added.

Merz had previously accused the Chancellor of Ukraine's lack of support in defending against the Russian war of aggression.

"They've been talking a little more than usual lately, but they're still saying nothing," he accused him.

He accused Scholz of failing to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.

He also finds it inappropriate that the President of the Ukrainian Parliament, who is expected in Berlin on Thursday, has not yet received an appointment from the Chancellor.

Another point of criticism: Scholz only said that Russia should not win this war and that Ukraine must survive, said Merz.

But why doesn't Scholz say that Ukraine must win the war and Russia must at least withdraw beyond the pre-February 24 contact line.

"Why don't you say it?" Merz asked.

"Is there a second agenda?"