China News Agency, Paris, June 1 (Reporter Li Yang) French President Emmanuel Macron urged on June 1, local time, to speed up the investigation into the chaotic incident in the Champions League final.

French Interior Minister Dalmanin and Sports Minister Castella went to the French Senate on the same day to explain the handling of the incident.

  French government spokesman Gregoire said on the same day that Macron wanted to find out "what really happened" in the Champions League final in a "completely transparent and very fast" way.

She also said Macron still supports the work of Interior Minister Dalmanin.

  According to a source quoted by French BFM TV on the 1st, Macron was annoyed by the chaos in the Champions League final, and Dalmanin should explain the progress of the incident.

The report also said that Macron considered the incident to be "shameful" and "incompatible" with France's image.

  The UEFA Champions League final was held at the Stade de France in Paris, France on the evening of May 28. Real Madrid and Liverpool started a showdown.

But a large number of Liverpool fans were reported to have been delayed in getting in.

Police forcibly stopped fans trying to storm the stadium and used tear gas on some.

The top-flight event was delayed by more than half an hour.

  French Interior Minister Dalmanin earlier blamed the flood of match-fixing and the gathering of fans without tickets for the chaos.

He said many Liverpool fans came to the scene despite having no tickets, leading to crowds around the stadium.

But Dalmanen's claim was questioned by Liverpool fans.

  Buffy, the head of the Senate committee, said determining the number of match-fixing tickets is key to further understanding how the admissions chaos was triggered.

In his view, Dalmanin needs to state on what basis he made the relevant statements.

  Dalmanen admitted at a Senate hearing that day that the Champions League final entry should have been better organised.

He said he would ensure that the government did not hide the handling of the incident.

He also lamented some over-enforcement by the police.

  Dalmanin tried to justify the massive gathering of unticketed fans by showing the surge in people on the subway and suburban express train lines around the Stade de France that night.

He also pointed out that the host city of the Champions League final usually takes 18 months to prepare, while the preparation time for Paris is very short.

  The UEFA Executive Committee decided on February 25 that the 2021-2022 Champions League final would be moved from St. Petersburg, Russia to Paris, France.