DRC: President Tshisekedi's security adviser, François Beya, charged with conspiracy

President Tshisekedi's security adviser, François Beya, charged with conspiracy, is being held in Makala prison.


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His trial will open on Friday June 3, 2022 before the highest criminal court of the Congolese armed forces.

It is a trial under high tension against François Beya, a man who served the successive leaders of the country.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa


Pascal Mulegwa

After being arrested by

the National Intelligence Agency

last February, François Beya was detained in Makala central prison by the general auditor of the armed forces.

Auditioned by military justice in April, his indictment has therefore just been notified to him.

His trial will be held on Friday before the High Military Court.

A Court whose judgments cannot be appealed.

From judicial sources, the one who was President Félix Tshisekedi's security adviser is therefore charged with several charges: conspiracy against the life or person of the Head of State, incitement of soldiers to disobedience and to commit contrary acts. to their status.

He will be tried in his place of detention at the Kinshasa central prison.

For the moment, it is not known whether he will appear alone

or with alleged accomplices


His relatives and the group that defends his interests in the media plead for the hearings to be public and broadcast live on state television.

In early February, the man with a busy career was arrested and detained for a month at the national intelligence agency.

The case had caused a lot of ink to flow.

To explain this arrest, the Presidency of the Republic evoked at the time, without further details, "

 serious indications of actions against national security



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